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Tasmania (2002)

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Tasmania 2002, Anette's & Karsten's tour
(Anette's brief notes)
Part 1

8:30 am: Karsten arriving in Hobart, check in at the Transit Center Backpackers, walk around the town, meeting Anna at the "Prince of Wales" (live concert)

Day out with Anna to Richmond, every shop in town wasn't safe, nice chat about a mice plague with a local woman.

One of these days... (Immigration Office and the rest), op-shopping with Anna & Karsten, dinner with Penelope and David at their lovely place.

Salamanca Market, down to Police Point (Mick of course not in), catching up with Andrew in Lune River, staying in Dover.
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To Geeveston and then to the Southern Forest for the Tahune Forest Air Walk, (Mick still not back), via Cygnet to a small beach with an overnight stay.
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Brief trip into Hobart, then along the A10 to Wayatinah, funny night with Peter, Wendy, Mick & Kareen.
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A really lazy day at Lake Wayatinah.
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Along the Great Lake, through Deloraine and Mole Creek to Paradise, staying at Mel's place, catching up with Peter, Chris & Sean.
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New tyres etc., otherwise a quiet day, teaching Mel Backgammon.

A big cruise, op-shopping and having a look at the murals in Sheffield, ending up having lunch there (Maia, Mel's daughter hungry as always), via the op-shops in Ulverston to Penguin for a coffee (of course at the "Groovy Penguin") and a stroll along the beach, back via Devonport calling in at Kim's.

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