June 24, 2002:

Please remember, Anette loves to get heaps of birthday-mails at June 27!!!

June 15, 2002:

News from Anette: She's now near Gympie in Queensland.

June 3, 2002:

Her current position: Armidale

June 1, 2002:

The first update is ready. It's a diary entry of Anette.
Her last position (May 28): Warby Range State Forest

May 27, 2002:

30 days Tasmania... visited Anette and had a look around. A realy nice spot to live. More about this, a small diary update and heaps of photos (Asia and Tasmania) in the next days and weeks.
She is leaving now Tas (with Frieda, her car) to drive up to Queensland.

March 25, 2002:

Anette lives now in Hobart/Tasmania. I've updated the "Maps & more" section.

February 21, 2002:

A current photo of Anette (Tasmania).

February 3, 2002:

Update of the "Photographs"-section with 35 photos made by Horst, who met Anette in Vietnam last year.

December 31, 2001:

A happy new year to all of you...    :o)

December 18, 2001:

Today I've got a short message from Anette:
"hi out there,
before somebody things i'm not alive anymore, here now some christmas greetings to all of you."
... "i'm going to spend this years christmas out in the bush and hope that i'll be in hobart for the big sydney melbourne yacht race on new years eve. otherwise i'm pretty busy and as usual quite lazy in writing and answering my e-mails.
i wish you all the best and a happy new year,
lots of love anette"

October 31, 2001:

The first year is over... The trip started at October 30 with the flight from Germany to Melbourne.

October 14, 2001:

Updated the "Maps & more"-Section (Malaysia) and added some new webcams (Dortmund / Tasmania).

October 3, 2001:

Yesterday I had a phone call from Melbourne. Anette told me that she is back in Australia and on the way to Devonport (Tasmania).

September 1, 2001:

The diary is updated with a set of four new reports (August 28-31).

August 20, 2001:

"anette.de.vu" seems to be offline today. Please read THIS, it's important.

August 18, 2001:

Today I've closed the mirror (www.tdiary.f2s.com) because of incessantly technical problems with the server. Hope, it will work without a mirror.
Updated the "Maps & more"-Section...

August 10, 2001:

At the 7th I've got a long letter from Anette by Air Mail. No way to use the Internet at Berastagi. Today arrived the next (very, very long) letter. The first one is ready, the second one needs some days and the update of the "Maps & more"-section needs some days more...

July 25, 2001:

Today Anette arrives in Berastagi/Sumatra (vulcan climbing). Because of problems with the Internet (sometimes no electricity) or very high fee (170000 Rupiah » 16 US Dollar » 35 German Mark) it might take some days till you can read the next diary-entry.

July 10, 2001:

Updated the "Maps & More"-Section (late, I know).

June 9, 2001:

Very good news: Anette is almost well again and wrote a report from Thailand.

And TODAY IS THE FIRST BIRTHDAY OF THIS HOMEPAGE!!! By the way... Anette's birthday is on 27 June   :-)

May 28, 2001:

Bad news from Bangkok. Please read the short note in the guestbook (May 28).

May 17, 2001:

Anette is somewhere in the mountain-regions of Cambodia (of course, there is no internet) and will be back in some days with a new report.

May 5, 2001:

I have closed the forum definitive.
"Parsimony" has removed the free boards permanently. I could search for a new free server, but I think, nobody on this page really needs a forum. All messages are added to the guestbook-archiv (by date).
Any ideas, what to place in instead of the forum?

May 4, 2001:

The forum is offline for some days (technical problems at parsimony). Maybe I have to find a new server... the old forum-entries are stored.
Technical details (german).

May 3, 2001:

Some new photos from Devonport (1) and Lune River (20).

April 29, 2001:

Anette left Vietnam (April 28), she's now in Cambodia.

April 16, 2001:

Update of the "Maps & more"-Section (Vietnam)...
...and Happy Easter!

April 6, 2001:

Anette was very assiduously! She wrote THREE reports at one day! Now the diary is up to date again.

March 30, 2001:

On Sunday, April 1: Anette's flight from Sydney, Australia to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.
Since this night "anette.de.vu" and "anette2.de.vu" are back online.

March 29, 2001:

You can find a short note from Anette in the guestbook.

March 29, 2001:

Server-Crash at nic.de.vu !
Since some days the only way to reach this page is to use the direct addresses (T-Online or F2S). nic.de.vu should be back online today. Technical details (german).

March 19, 2001:

I've updated the "Photographs"-Section with 27 new photos (Lune River).

March 8, 2001:

Sorry for the long pause. The next report is on the way and will arrive next week (I hope).

February 24, 2001:

And again a set of 24 strange photos: The "Bushdance"   :-)

February 19, 2001:

I've enlarged the "Photographs"-Section with 16 new photos. The quality is not the best because of the high compression, but I have to save space on the server.
And the search-engine bug with the Internet-Explorer is fixed now.

February 18, 2001:

Ok, a new diary entry arrived by Air Mail. It was two weeks on the way this time. Hope, that I've decoded Anette's individual handwriting correctly  ;-)
I've got some photos from Anette's time in Tasman House Backpackers in Devonport. You'll see them in one of the next days.

February 10, 2001:

I've built in a small "homepage - search engine". Test it   ;-)

January 31, 2001:

Freeware Tip:
Wenn du beim Übersetzen einiger Worte aus Anettes Tagebuch Schwierigkeiten hast, verwende "Babylon":
"Babylon ist ein Übersetzer, Wörterbuch, Umrechner und Info-Programm, das den Anwendern durch einen einfachen Klick ermöglicht, Definitionen, Übersetzungen, Umrechnungen und relevante Informationen zu erhalten."

Freeware tip:
If you have difficulty to translate some words of Anette's Diary, use "Babylon":
"Babylon is a single-click translator, dictionary, converter, and information tool that enables users to get definitions, translations, conversions, and relevant information."

January 29, 2001:

I've got some news today from Anette (by phone):
She will stay at Lune River two or three weeks, far away from any computers, for a canoe training. The next diary-news (a letter) will arrive at me in one or two weeks.
If you want to write a letter, further send it to the Tasman House in Devonport.

January 26, 2001:

Anette is offline about one week (Lune River, in the middle of nowhere).

January 16, 2001:

post? mails? calls?
well, if i don't get any mails or something like a phonecall in the next two days i'll stop this homepage. everyone around me is getting letters and mails and so and i don't get anything, buhuu. it's like i'm living on mars, you don't even get any news about europe here.
please, be nice and send me something......

tasman house backpackers / 114 tasman st / devonport / tasmania 7310 / australia

fax 0061 3 64232340 / fon 0061 3 64232335

January 9, 2001:

"Anetta swaps homeland tradition for Aussie Xmas." Read the newspaper-story in the "Photographs"-Section.

January 2, 2001:

There are two funny "HAPPY NEW YEAR"-Clips from Anette in the "Photographs"-Section to download!!!
No diary-update for some days, check Anette's note from today in the guestbook-archive.

December 25, 2000:

Merry christmas to all of you!

December 03, 2000:

IMPORTANT: Had to change the US-Subdomain again. The new one is HTTP://ANETTE.D4F.NET. If ANETTE.DE.VU or ANETTE.D4F.NET is offline you can reach this page (nearly always) under the following address: http://www.t-online.de/~k.kleffmann

December 02, 2000:

Anette is back online...

November 28, 2000:

Next report from Anette in about one week (no internet-cafe at the moment).

November 25, 2000:

I found a solution to print the diary. Up to now the text was light gray on white paper (by using the print-button of your browser). Use the print-button on the diary for a better result.

November 7, 2000:

You can find now the date of the last diary-entry at the left. If you like to see maps of all locations of the world, use the new button on the "Maps & more"-Section.

November 2, 2000:

Anette's first report from Tasmania (Diary).

November 2, 2000:

You find some webcams of Tasmania in the "Maps & more"-Section. I think, she's there now.

October 30, 2000:


October 29, 2000:

Tomorrow is the day of Anette's flight to Australia. Her first break is Melbourne. In the next days she'll write some words about her plans...

September 27, 2000:

The server of the counter is dead (grmpf). Got a new one. And there are new links to backpackers-directorys.

September 8, 2000:

I've got a new SubDomain in the USA with no commercials. Hope, it works longer... This is the address: HTTP://ANETTE.R4D.NET (link to Crosswinds). In some days I'll disconnect the old address (anette.dr.ag).

September 7, 2000:

Crosswinds is back.

September 6, 2000:

Some problems with the dr.ag-service (anette.dr.ag): If you close the window of Anette's homepage a new window appears with commercials. I try to find a new SubDomain-Service.

September 6, 2000:

NO SITE ACCESS AT CROSSWINDS (blocked by UUNet). Further information at the Crosswinds Updates-page. Of course, the SubDomain anette.dr.ag (a link to Crosswinds) don't works too.

August 27, 2000:

A link to a translation-page in the "Maps & more"-Section and an automatic translation of a german newspaper on the "Dortmund"-page (sometimes it's funny!).

August 19, 2000:

Two new photos for the Stewart Island-Team in the "Photographs"-Section.