A Note from the Director of Studies

Welcome to the International House Brno website! As the Director of Studies, I am proud to have a professional and dedicated teaching team of many different nationalities. Most of our teachers hold the CELTA, Trinity TESOL, or ELT Methodology teaching certificate. The native English teachers have been trained at various reputable schools throughout Europe. Our Czech teachers are Masaryk University graduates with a focus on English studies. The school’s greatest benefit is that the native teachers have an opportunity to share ideas and experience with the Czech teachers and vice versa.

My aim for the International House (IH) teachers is to have them both enjoy their work and grow professionally in their teaching awareness and experiences. In addition to organizing an induction week and guiding teachers in their daily work as needed, I prepare weekly professional development seminars for the teachers. The seminar topics are chosen by reflecting on the needs of the teaching team. Through various teacher teambuilding activities, the students benefit from a positive and motivating learning environment. As the Director of Studies, it is rewarding to see the teachers’ growth and gives me inspiration and drive to come up with new visions for the school.

If you are interested in joining our teaching team, please fill out the website application and/or send us your Curriculum Vitae.

If you are thinking about joining our school as a student, give International House Brno a try. Our dedicated and fun teaching staff will help make the English lessons a positive experience.


Pavla Milerski
Director of Studies

Teacher Profiles


Pavla Milerski

Pavla Milerski is the Director of Studies. Pavla has been teaching English for eleven years and has been at International House Brno for six years. Prior to her DoS appointment, Pavla was the IH Brno Assistant Director of Studies, and before that the Senior Teacher. She did her CELTA teacher training, ELT Methodology training, and university studies at Masaryk University in Brno. Pavla has a special interest in English language teacher training courses and its impact on teachers working in the Czech Republic. Pavla enjoys big challenges of all kinds, whether it’s work-related or as a hobby. She has climbed several 4000 metre mountains in Russia, Peru, Italy, Spain, and Austria. Pavla’s other interests include glass painting, African and Cuban music, hiking, and skiing.

Pamela Becker is the Assistant Director of Studies. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois USA her management and teaching career experiences have always been focused on education. While in Chicago, Pamela used to be a program director, teacher, and then later the assistant school director at a private community arts school very similar in structure to IH Brno. She then spent five years as the Director of Operations with the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras. Pamela did her CELTA teacher training at Akcent International House, Prague. This is her third year teaching at IH Brno, and she immensely enjoys the students, staff, and creative flexibility in the classroom. When not teaching, Pamela enjoys skiing; Czech, German, and Jewish cultures; music of many styles (especially Irish, Jazz, African, and Classical); playing the violin or viola, and going to live performances.

Lucie Bedřichová is a local girl who is a new member of our teaching team. She likes traveling and always looks on the bright side of life. Her deep secret is that she wears braces at night. Now it’s on the Internet for all to see!

Katerina Kallusová Brychová is originally from Ždár nad Sázavou, and completed her CELTA and ELT Methodology training at Masaryk University in Brno. While a student at Masaryk University, Katerina studied both English and Russian languages and has lived in Russia. She likes working at IH Brno because of the motivated students, everyday contact with native speakers, and working in a friendly atmosphere. One of her hobbies is collecting earrings from her travels, such as India, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Kirkistan, Russia and from around the world. Katka also enjoys hiking and climbing. For fun she likes eating merunkové knedliky s tvarohem, otherwise known as apricot dumplings with cottage cheese.

Marvin Deahan is originally from Bradford, England. He did his CELTA training at Leeds Metropolitan University in England and taught in the schools there. Marvin also used to live in Tokyo and in Turkey. This is his second year teaching at IH Brno, and he enjoys the friendly students and teachers and relaxed atmosphere. Marvin also enjoys reading and music, and is an avid football spectator and player. From home, he misses TV, radio and curry.

Jana Dofková

Jana Dofková is from Brno and studied at Masaryk University. Prior to working at IH Brno, she lived abroad in Dublin, Ireland and San Francisco, Californina USA. Jana enjoys the high-quality of IH Brno and its friendly atmosphere. She is terrified of spiders, loves U2 and INXS music groups, and enjoys meeting new people.

Charles du Parc fell in love with the Czech Republic: the people, the beer, and the country; and that is why he did his CELTA training at International House in Prague and has joined us here at IH Brno. Before that, he was a successful business entrepreneur that included owning his own delicatessen business and a bed and breakfast in the UK (which he still has). Originally from Lymington Hampshire, Charles has traveled through Europe and the East Coast of the US and wants to someday travel to Russia. When he isn’t seizing the day cycling or digging up old bones to satisfy his curiosity in archeology, he dreams of good English bacon.

David Ewald is starting his first year teaching English, although he has taught English Literature at the University level. From Southern California, he traveled up the West Coast to Portland Oregon to do his CELTA training from International House. David is now on a quest to make teaching his career and enjoys seeing what motivates his students. Although he has traveled throughout Europe, he settled in Czech Republic because of the history, folklore, literature, and of course the beer. From home, David longs for eating cheese curds. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and writing novels, screenplays and stories as well as playing basketball and traveling. He believes in doing as much as you can whenever possible and implores people to be nice to each other.
Martina Fialova is from Brno and did her studies at Masaryk University and in Dresden, Germany. This is Martina’s second year teaching German at International House. She likes the communicative methodolgy used at our school and the exchange of ideas among the teachers. In her free time, Martina enjoys playing the organ and travelling.

Eva Formanová is from Brno. She received her CELTA training through Language Link in London and is now in her second year of teaching at IH Brno. Eva is the sportoholic on staff, and is also a qualified snowboard instructor. Her hobbies include basketball, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, volleyball and most recently she added skydiving and a husband to this list.
Leona Gabrielová

Leona Gabrielová is from Kuřim. She did her ELT Methodology training at Masaryk University in Brno. This is Leona’s fourth year teaching at ILC International House Brno. Prior to this, she taught English and Geography at a grammar school in Brno. Leona has lived in Canada and is very interested in the culture. She thinks it’s important to enjoy life and likes to go hiking and travelling.

Lucie Havláková

Lucie Havláková is originally from Vítkov. She did her ELT Methodology training at Masaryk University in Brno. This is Lucie’s third year teaching at International House, and she enjoys the professionalism and communication among the teachers. Lucie is crazy about Native Americans and is also interested in hiking, music, and various cultural studies.

Susan Henderson

Susan Henderson has spent significant time both in Chicago, Illinois and Kansas City, Kansas USA. She did her CELTA training at International House, Budapest and is in her second year of teaching at IH Brno. She enjoys teaching at IH Brno because of the school’s good reputation, weekly teaching seminars and the humorous teachers. In addition to her English teaching qualifications, Susan has a background in mechanical engineering. Prior to teaching at IH Brno, she spent time working for Whirlpool Corporation in the USA and Mexico, and for Mitas in Turkey. Susan enjoys photography, dancing, yoga, wine, squash and playing euchre.

Anette Igel has travelled and lived in so many places that she wouldn’t claim a hometown. She did her Trinity TESOL training at Oxford House College in Prague. This is Anette’s third year working for IH Brno. She enjoys it because it’s an IH school with nice students, a fun and supportive staff, and a super school secretary. Anette has had a colorful career background as a social worker, journalist, photographer, cook, jewelry designer, and a drama teacher (just to name a few). She has lived in Thailand, Germany, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and New Zealand as a few examples. One day Anette would like to return to the land Down Under for permanent residence. Anette enjoys the fine Moravian wine, countryside, and friends here in the Czech Republic in addition to her hobbies of reading, cooking, and snorkelling. Her newest skill is walking on stilts.

Regina Jiránková is an experienced teacher who is new at IH Brno. She is CELTA qualified from Basil Petterson College in Edinburgh and especially enjoys teaching FCE exam classes. Regina has a broad range of other experience, which includes medical training as a veterinarian and having run her own business. When not taking care of her two dogs and four cats, Regina takes it easy by reading, socializing and playing tennis. A little known fact is that she has 42 pairs of shoes and has no plans to stop adding more.

Vendula Jiránková has been teaching English in Brno for several years, but is in her first year on our IH Brno team. She is proud of her “A” student status in both her Masaryk University CELTA and CPE proficiency training, and is also proficient in drawing cats. Vendula likes learning languages, with the most recent being Arabic. She also relaxes with various forms of dancing and playing squash.

Ryan McGill is originally from Leechburg, Pennsylvania, USA. He did his CELTA training at Akcent International House, Prague and is in his third year working for IH Brno. He thinks the best thing about working at the school is the students. Prior to teaching English, Ryan worked in the USA as a chef and a mechanic. His hobbies include playing the bass guitar, piano, squash, chopping wood, and cycling. Last summer Ryan put down his axe and undertook an unusual, exciting, and demanding 56-day cycling adventure from Brno to Gibraltar. When not teaching, Ryan can be found chopping down tree trunks. He is available for any woodsman opportunity you may have.

Petra Mitáèková is from Uherský Ostroh. She did her ELT Methodology training at Masaryk University in Brno where she studied English and History and most recently completed another ELT methodology course here in Brno. Petra is in her third year of teaching at IH Brno, and likes it because it’s a guarantee of working with other highly qualified teachers due to the background requirements. Petra enjoys the school’s friendly atmosphere, school parties with the students, and the teacher’s social program. Her long-term goal is to teach her husband English. Petra’s hobby is medieval history with a focus on lifestyle and music of all kinds.

Anna Palacká is from Třinec and holds her CELTA certificate from International House Prague. She has a lot of experience teaching students of various ages and is in her second year of teaching at IH Brno. Anna is a firm believer of promoting creativity in the classroom, and sometimes uses her theater background as a basis for her style of English lessons. Her travels have brought her throughout Europe and hopefully next to South America. Anna’s other hobbies include almost any outdoor sport, film, and theater.

Ali Pickford hails from the village Chilton near Oxford. She’s new here in Brno and the Czech Republic and has landed here because she wanted to combine her various professional teaching and personal goals. Ali likes the Czech Republic because it is a change of scenery, and of course for the beer. She is quite the European traveler, and has set her eyes on Asia next. A graduate of Cambridge University in English Literature, she enjoys reading, music (including playing the violin) and basketball. Quite interesting is that the famous English grammarian Michael Swan is a neighbor of Ali’s back home. Also from back home she misses bad soap operas and good old bacon sandwiches.
Erik Pugner

Erik Pugner is from San Francisco, California USA. He did his CELTA training at Akcent International House, Prague. This is Erik’s second year at IH Brno and he enjoys working with the dynamic and fun staff. Besides his English teaching qualifications, Erik has a background in philosophy and working as an Information Technology Engineer. This year he is a graduate student at Masaryk University, studying history and European politics. In his little free time, Erik relaxes with squash and socializing with students. He would also like you to know that even though he’s a fat man, he has run a marathon (42 kilometer race).

Silvie Rašíková is originally from Ostrava but has been in Brno for a long time. She holds her CELTA training certificate from Masaryk University and spent a few years of her English teaching career at Easy English prior to joining our school. Silvie has multiple hobbies, which include belly dancing, squash, films, and learning Arabic. She recently passed the CPE proficiency exam and celebrated all summer in Spain.

Mark Seymour is new to the school this year. He comes from Warrington England where he misses his friends and mum’s cooking. Mark received his TESOL Certificate from Prague Schools, and before that studied Maths at Edinburgh University. He chose Czech Republic because of the wonderful people, drink and way of life, and plans on traveling to Thailand, Canada, New Zealand and Italy. Mark is keen on sport, especially running, football, and cricket. His philosophy on life, in his own words, is: Smile.

Barbora Simonová

Barbora Simonová is from Prostìjov. She did her ELT Methodology training at Masaryk University in Brno, and also studied English and German there. This is her second year teaching at IH Brno, and she most enjoys the staff, resource materials and the supportive environment. Barbora is very versatile at our school, as she teaches English, German, and Czech for foreigners. Her other interests include art, drawing, music, skiing and cycling. She also loves cheese and apples.

Mat Smith is originally from Southend, England. He did his CELTA training at Akcent International House, Prague and is in his second year of teaching for International House Brno. Matthew also has a background in mechanical and production engineering. Matthew dreams of becoming a professional footballer and in the meantime misses most from home the Premeirship and Indian food. His hobbies are reading and sport, especially football. He also enjoys looking like an angel.

Kristýna Šenkyříkova is from Uherské Hradištì and completed her studies at Masaryk University. Although this is her first year teaching with IH Brno, Kristýna previously taught at Easy English language school. Her hobbies include composing and performing music with her band, reading, traveling, film, and skiing.

Petra Špatková did her ELT Methodology training at Masaryk University in Brno. This is Petra’s fourth year teaching at IH Brno. She most enjoys the friendly atmosphere, support, and professional development the school offers. Someday she would like to travel around the world and her current interests are sports, theater, and music.

Emily Thompson is new to our school this year. Originally from Topeka Kansas USA, Emily has a keen interest in language and literature, especially English and French. She has also lived and studied in France. Emily chose to come to Czech Republic for a few reasons, the most important being the central European location and culture, and her boyfriend being here. She did her CELTA training at Akcent International House in Prague. Emily is a firm believer in the philosophy of improvisation, either with or without her violin. She is your stereotypical American, in that she dreams about the cheeseburgers from home.

Markéta Tobiášová is from Brno. She did her teacher training course through Masaryk University in Brno, and her CELTA training at the College of Further Education in Oxford, England. This is Markéta’s second year teaching at IH Brno, and she enjoys the friendly and relaxed teaching atmosphere and supportive environment. Her hobbies are music, books, and spending time with friends. A secret about Markéta is that she’s dependent on the sun for her survival.

Eva Tomešková

Eva Tomešková is from Ústí nad Orlicí. She is in her third year of teaching at IH Brno and did her CELTA training at Masaryk University in Brno. Eva enjoys being in contact with the native speakers and the teamwork among teachers. For her hobbies, she is willing to try almost anything once. However, Eva admits that she’s never tried to speak Japanese and that when driving she’s quite dangerous behind the wheel.

Jana Vránová

Jana Vránova is from Brno and did her teacher training course at Masaryk University in Brno. This is Jana’s third year teaching at IH Brno. She enjoys its friendly atmosphere, including the nice students and teamwork with the other teachers. When not at International House, Jana can often be found working as a translator. She loves mice and mushrooming, playing scrabble and cards, reading, and singing. When Jana dies and goes to heaven, she’d like to sing in two choirs: Afro-American and Irish.

Darryl Whitehead is from Germiston South Africa and chos to come to the Czech Republic because of his Czech wife. Before arriving in Brno, Darryl worked in the computer industry and still holds a keen interest in the field. He has been teaching English for many years and was formerly at the Easy English language school. He likes to make people wonder by smiling, and secretly likes smažený sýr.

Jonathan Ziegler

Jonathan Gabriel Ziegler is from Columbia, Maryland USA but moved to Washington DC to attend university. He holds the CELTA from International House Brno and is in his third year of teaching at our school, where he most enjoys the all-around friendly atmosphere. His hobbies include Pieter Bruegel (the Elder), history, and photography. Jon’s long-term goal is to gain total photographic control and live forever. In the meantime, he’s set his sights on learning Russian and Dutch.