About me

Anette As the designer of my homepage (thank you, Karsten) meant, here a few facts about me.

Born on the 27th of June some years ago (send me birthday-mails!) I was brought up in the middle of nowhere, or better to say, somewhere in the northern part of Germany (Schleptrup, you won't find it on a map).

After a long career as a social-worker (never choose this job - it makes you going mad) I found out that life can be more then work (Thanks to Ian, Donna, Valerie, Rachel, Helen, Robin, Carl and Guy - wherever you are at the moment).

So that's the reason why I'm leaving Dortmund (the place I'm living at the moment, quite weird place in my opinion) and will start seeking for adventures somewhere in the world. I'm not sure how long I'll be away, but you'll find out when you'll follow my diary......

And if you ever find an interesting job for a drama-teacher - just send me a short note!