December 2001

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December, 5

December, 5     TOP

Okay, I know, I've been very lazy, but there's not that much happening and then there's always something else to do or the weather is too nice or the weather is too bad or the computer doesn't work, lots of excuses. Anyway, after weeks here now the next entry.

I won't say a word about the flight, sitting in a plane is just fricking boring and the food was just average. Had much better food on other planes before. Arrived in melbourne the next morning and tried to get a flight to devonport for the same day. What a joke, the only flight available was going to launceston and they wanted 247 bucks for a single flight, they must have been joking. So I tried to book in on the spirit - no cheap bed or seat free. Great, so I had to stay in melbourne. I got to that big backpacker in st. kilda, not a nice place but the room was okay and my roommates were classic. I was sharing the room with three guys, one from austria who had to leave the next day and didn't know how to take his six digeridoos with him. At the end he posted them back home. But what are you doing with six digeridoos???
That night I gave myself a nice treatment with cheese, bread and a bottle of good redwine. Then I met sharon and the both of us went out for a walk and a few drinks in a pub around the corner. It was a surreal night, sitting at the beach on a wall, next to us some russians playing this wonderful music. A strange feeling...

Even the next day there was no way to get to tassie, so I decided to book in on the ferry for Friday october 5th, the rest of the day I spent mostly in bed, catching up with some sleep and get rid of my jetlag.

Thursday I went down to the centre of melbourne, went to the immigration office to get the application form and some informations about immigration. Doesn't look to good, I'm missing some months of work, but there must be a way for me. so it was a lot of reading and writing, have to get my things sent over to tassie. That night I went out with my two roommates jason and mike and had a ball, they were really funny, we ended up in our room singing all the songs we could remember...

Friday was the day to get to tassie. I finished my book during the day and then caught the ferry in the afternoon. With me was another woman going over from the same hostel. So we had a chat on the ferry and stood up quite late.

I actually hadn't told anyone when I would be back in devonport just to give them a bit of a surprise. So walking into tasman house denise was "shocked" to see me back again, I think it was quite good that she was sitting on a chair. She didn't know what to say in the first place...
anyway, the welcome was great still some people around I knew and tim gave me of course the worst greeting: "the german bitch is back!" thanks a lot! Later on I figured out that bitch actually means something different to what he thought:
Control of
So that's alright with me.
It was a great night, I met anna who's living here as well and works as one of the cleaners (don't ask what I'm doing here), she arrived just two days before me. we met and it clicked straight away. Then there were ricarda and arabella and we all had a quite late night together.

The next morning I took them all out to the don market and we bought denise a new gnome (hers got stolen a couple of years ago and went travelling around australia).
I got trevor to try to fix the sewing machine, still didn't work, have to find another one, because there were a lot of things which needed to be fixed.

So before I describe every single day I better tell, that the life here is not that fascinating like travelling around asia. I mean it all gets into a routine, I've got my things to do during the day, cleaning and cooking, doing some things for myself, trying to have my afternoon nap and so on. So before I'll bore everyone, I'll leave all these things and will write only about special things. So from now on my diary won't be a daily one anymore, will try to write a weekly report and just pick out the days when something interesting happened. The week from 8.10 - 14.10. (bugger, there is a bit to write)

Besides starting to work in the vegie pad I actually got my car, lovely. Michael and I went out on Tuesday, because I had seen three cars which could have been interesting. But after a testdrive we decided against them. Then he told me about a cardealer just up the road. Well, I got a mazda van from 79 for 650 bucks and with registration till june - bargain! And it runs well. So the next days I spent a lot of time on my car, getting a new carpet, cleaning it, get some stuff for travelling and now I can drive out in the bush and don't have to bother about anything anymore, which is great.

Friday (12.10.) andrew came up from lune river and we spent the night in devonport. The next morning we went on a long weekend trip to bicheno. We stopped at some friends of his, who had a new foal and tried for the first time to put a halter on his neck. It was a nice afternoon but it got fricking cold and when we arrived in bicheno we figured out that the yha was closed for good, but we still could stay there, but no fire. God, I thought I would freeze to death. Something wrong with the climate here, it is just far to cold, especially after coming from thailand. We spent some lazy days in bicheno, I went for a walk and we had some very long talks.
After lune river burned down everything is a bit weird. So he's still trying to sort out what to do. We made some plans but you'll never know if they will work out. I had a good time there but it was far too cold for me and I was looking forward to a heated room again. Actually most of the time it was raining anyway.

Tuesday (16.10) we went to hobart, he had to go for his writing course (it reminded me a bit of the poems of the vogons in the hitchhiker through the galaxy) and I took the bus back to devonport. But because I had a bit of time I went up to see liz and peter. Of course I got all the gossip from the last six months (isn't it great, even when you've been away for quite a while people have a big smile on there face when they see you again).

Coming back to devonport after a few days, heaps of new faces it's always fascinating how much things change in one way and how less things change on the other side. New faces but always the same stories in a way.
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