November 2001

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November, 4

November, 4     TOP

after this nice welcome, i started sorting my bag through. you wouldn't believe how many things i left behind. a lot of it went straight into the rubbish bin, along with my most beloved dress, it had three big holes in it. but still there was a lot left. i was wondering how i was going to fit everything into my backpack. lots of books and stuff, a few clothes, like the warm ones i missed in berastagi. then i brought my films away to get them developed. actually i spent the whole afternoon with sorting things out, funny how time is flying by.
later i went out to look for a new book, i had read all the others, and found this little café with a good choice of second hand books. there was a japanese woman in there as well and we started talking about books we had read and had a cup of tea together. she was on her holidays (5 days) and was waiting for a friend to arrive from australia. we spent the whole evening together, walking up and down kaosan road (i still don't like it), getting something for dinner and she found this nice way to look at kaosan: it's just like a big street market. but then that's everyday.

the next morning i was really into my sightseeing, i had this big plan of going to the national museum, then to the palace and to wat pho. of course that didn't work out, i spent over three hours in the museum and was not in the mood to see more buddhas or other cultural things, so i went back for a nice little afternoon nap. after all these stressful weeks of travelling i thought i should give myself a nice treatment so i went to one of these massage places and went for an one hour relaxation massage... god, that was great.
anyway, it was the first evening i've spent in front of an tv. joined by william (half japanese and half korean) and alva from israel. it was so funny, we watched the miss thailand contest and they made that up like a martial art film etc. it was a big laugh. we decided to go to the weekend market the next day together with janice from canada.

like always i was the first one up, waiting for the others to get ready. it was more like lunchtime when we actually got started. but anyway, it was a grand day out. william was a bit strange, telling us seriously that he wanted to buy an fish to take him home to japan - alive. we tried to explauin to him that that might not be a good idea, like how does he want to carry the fish (swallow?) and so on. they didn't sell any fish at all at chatuchak, so that was good luck for the fish. we spent hours on the market, walking along nearly every single row and it's a huge market. i was on a search for my congkak game and found it just before we were going to leave, which was good, it was quite heavy and to carry that around the whole day wouldn't have been such a good idea. all of us were quite exhausted after shopping around all day but non of us went home with nothing. actually at one stall we all bought a little buddha with the meaning "if you don't look at the evil the good will come to you". good thing to have when you're travelling. later on we went out for dinner together and spent some time together chatting. it was a really good day with great company. then monday came, the 1st of october, the day to fly back to melbourne. strange feeling, after being six months away it was like going back home in a way. i spent the day, sorting the last things out, having some more talks, did my last shopping and had a very nice dinner with janice. and then it was time to get the bus to the airport.

after the things happening in america you might think security might be a bit more straight, but it was quite lax and i must say, i still hate flying, i don't think it will ever change anyway.
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