November 2000

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November, 2     TOP

i always knew that there is something wrong about travelling overseas: you have to fly. three starts and landings, it was not just via kuala lumpur we also had a stop in sydney. but anyway, i arrived in melbourne at midnight, the tourist information at the airport was open, i booked in a backpacker, got on the skybus and had my bed, quite easy. the mess was, that i wasn't tired anymore, even i haven't really slept on the plane. so there was a bar in the basement of the hotel, i only had forgotten that it was halloween and everyone is a bit mad on that day. so i got my 4 pints watching all these youngsters getting really pissed and went to bed at 3am.

usually you would think that you can sleep very well afterwards, but without any reason i got up at 8am (of course, because i always get up early). the cost for the hotel ($19) included a breakfast. well not to bad i thought, it's a bit expensive but it's with breakfast, so perhaps i should stay in there for a bit longer. No way! what they called breakfast where 3slices of toast with jam or honey or marmite and a tea in a foam-mug, thanks a lot. so i checked out and booked in for the "spirit of tasmania" (that's the name of the ferry). check-in time was 3pm so i had a bit time to stroll through melbourne, quite nice, but i really felt i have to leave. the ferry was one of the biggest i've ever been on. i got a bunk bed, a really good dinner buffet, a bit of asleep (this time the jet-lag is really worse), met a dutch woman, i spent some time with and arrived this morning in tasmania, better to say in devonport. i'll be here for the next 4 nights and then travel through tasmania for two weeks, come back to this backpacker here, because they offered me a job as a driver, for a bit cleaning (2,5 h a day), so i can save a bit money before travelling back to ossie.

the next days will be lazy days i think, just having alook round here go for a few short walks. but thats future, so you have to wait for the next report.

did i say that i hate flying???????!!!!!
November, 6     TOP

you wouldn't believe but i'm still in tasman house in devonport. after waking up at 5am, i decided to stay here for 2-3 weeks, work with denise and trevor (the hosts) and go on touring afterwards. so i started doing the cleaning here (between 1,5 and 3 hours a day), so now i've got a free accomodation, went on adaytour to stanley without paying, got about 3 kg of meat from denise and are haveing a really good time here. besides me there is another german staying here for longer. i always thought people travelling around eat just pasta, but some just eat sandwiches all the time, so i gave him a proper dinner tonight (6.10.).  Snapshots of Tasman House  but first about the things i did the last days.

as i said i went to stanley, that's quite in the northwest of tassie. i went there with 3 japanese girls and a taiwanese couple, who were wondering that i was travelling with these girls. first we went to a cheese factory (got nice cheese there). then that woman was cruising around the coast with us for ages, explaining a lot, that you could hardly understand with her sitting with her back to us driving the car. at the end we arrived at stanley, a very small but nice little town, and we walked up "the nut". god, what a view! it was quite clear that day and sunny. afterwards she took us to "dip falls", one of the most fantastic waterfalls i've ever seen. i haven't done a lot that evening, just a little talk.

on friday it just rained the whole day, don't ask, i nearly did nothing, just chilling out.

next day it got really hot, i walked along the riverside to the lighthouse, had a look at the aboriginal arts and culture center, got two bottles of wine and one with cider, went shopping (got a hell of a lot of food), cooked a nice dinner and got really pissed that night. michael (the german guy) and another german girl (antje) and i finished all of the bottles. and i got sunburned on that day.

sunday it just rained again, even there was a break for about 2,5 hours. during that time i walked down to don market where there is a little bric a brac market every sunday. next to it there is a railway museum with a steamengine running every sunday. but i thought it's more fun if you're doing things like that not on your own. so instead i went for a walk along the river nextby. really nice walk through wetland and eucalyptustrees. saw a lot of gorgeous birds, it looked so fantastic and i didn't take my camera with me, but i'll do that walk again next sunday, taking michael with me and go on the steamengine as well then. anyway, i just arrived back in time, because the moment i stepped into the house it started raining again (and it didn't stop for the rest of the day). in the evening i cooked dinner for denise and trevor, something continental. that night we had a very long talk with mimi (german as well), paul (from manchester), denise and betty (from tassie), and a hell of a lot of beer, so this morning i nearly overslept.

so today i went with betty and heather (a friend of betty) to the "sunday examiner challenge 2000" (a motorrace) and helped them with writing the times down of the competetors when they arrived in ulverstone for lunch. the rest of the day was just sitting in the sun, playing with the kids, trying not to get sunburned, eating a lot and now they are all sitting there, drinking and i have to finish before they finish all the wine without me. will get to you back soon....
November, 14     TOP

since tuesday, the 7th i know that you can have a lot excitement, when you stay at home. why do you want to go on the "overland track", stay in your backpacker and get robbed. so that happend to me and my roommates. someone took my wallet (creditcard, isic-card, money.....), my trainers and kidnapped the little raven, the prawn and the worst of all - tigger. as it seems they broke into our room through the window and took their time to check through angela's, morgan's and my stuff (but left my camera behind). we were quite sure, who took all the stuff but of course couldn't proof it. i had to cancel my creditcard and tried to get a replacement. i've been on the phone for 3/4 h, just talking to someone in america (freecall), trying to get a replcement card. afterwards i felt completly exhausted, helped myself to two glasses of wine and two beer and were totally drunken.

anyway, next morning the police came and took two suspects with them, so we had to take care for their little son (really cute little boy). around midday his mum came back from the policestation, took her son wanted to leave, but couldn't start the car. she was so angry about all what was going on, that she grabbed a quite big stone and smashed a window. so the police came and took her back again (with her son). later on that day, the couple came back, he fixed the car and they drove off.

i don't know how far they came, because trevor called the police again, to tell them, they were driving an unregisterd car. what an excitement!!!!!!!

next day, mimi and i went up to cradle mt to drop off a couple up there for the overland track. that was fun, they were from victoria and said they found it weird to come over to tasmania get a lift to cradle mt (they missed the bus) by two germans working as guides here. at the end they gave us two packets of twisties (yak). up on craidle mt it was very cloudy, but when we went back and had a stop in sheffield for the murals it was sunny and warm again.

friday and saturday i did nothing besides waiting for my new credit card, they said they would deliver it with ups on friday, of course they did not. so i stuck here, had two lazy days (i need new books now). the evenings were quite the same the whole week, drinks, food and nice talks.

saturday antje came back from her trip with a new bottle of wine. and so we got drunken again.

the next morning she helped me with the cleaning and then we went down to don market got a little wombat for michael, he had his birthday, and went on our traintrip. it didn't take long, but it was fun, so i've been on a steam engine train first time. the way it goes through the forest and along the river is beautiful. but it was raining and so on the way back we got completly wet.

in the afternoon denise, mimi and i started with the cooking. we had a big buffett for dinner. anf of course our dishes were ready in time, we just had to wait for dave, yasu and taka (always men you have to wait for). we told michael to stay in his room till someone would get him. when he came into he dining room his first words were: "wo kommen denn die ganzen frauen her!" (where do all these women come from). i think he enjoyed his birthday dinner (more then the singing, next time someone else has to sing and not me again). anyway it was a nice evening.

monday i first thought, great another day staying in here waiting for my credit card. but it did arrive around 2pm. so i went out, getting some money, buy a few things....... michaels flatmate arrived yesterday and as it seems everyone is going to leave till end of the week. mimi on thursday, michael and carsten on friday, antje around that time as well, but yasu stays here a bit longer.

this guy is a big laugh, he is 24 years old, started helping here in the backpacker at the beginning of last week and is crazy. he follows you saying what's next, more work, he's good in replies on nasty things, especially to dave who is always teasing, but he can't sweep a floor. i was in the kitchen doing my cleaning stuff and told yasu to get the broom and sweep the floor. he just was going crisscrossing on the floor without getting the dirt together. i started laughing and asked him if ever had done something like this before "yes mopping". so i showed him how to do it and i couldn't stop laughing. he is fun, even sometimes i think he's driving me crazy.

well that's all for now. before i forget, if you want to send me christmas cards (of course you want), i'll be at tasman house for christmas.
tasman house backpackers, 169 steele st, devonport tasmania 7310 , australia) or fax (03)64232340.
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