October 2001

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October, 1

October, 1     TOP

that night there was a great storm coming up, lot of rain (into my hut as well), thunder and lightning, sitting on the balcony i enjoyed that spectacle.

the big change came the next day. i mean after all i started to think "do i smell?" but then i met sam from melbourne and we had breakfast together. after a while more and more people were joining in. i spent the whole morning with them, a bit of talking, a lot of gossip about other people, reading and jumping in the water for a cool down - wow, that's really like having holidays.
later on i went to coral bay to ask for a snorkelling trip - so i was actually going for it. after my first and last experience in mexico i was just a bit afraid of making a fool out of myself again, swallowing heaps of saltwater again or something like that.
that night we had a freshwater shower again, but i still couldn't get all the filth out of my hair, but then what do i have a scarf for.

sunday (23.9.) i went over to coral bay just to find out that i was the only one who had asked for that trip. but after a while two other women turned up. so we got our masks, snorkels and fins and i got of course a mask which leaked, but that i figured out when it was to late.
we went to five different spots and perhaps because i had got some proper instructions by other people this time the snorkelling was great. the only stupid thing was that my nose was always covered with water and i had to clear the mask over and over again. it's not possible to describe what it was like, it was just awesome. i saw one of these huge green turtles and four sharks (besides a lot of different other fishes and corals). one shark was quite close, coming from my back and swimming just underneath me, wow!
i'll go for that again for sure, but not in the next days. i mean, i tried to be very sensible, wearing a t-shirt, putting on sunlotion and still my legs got burned like hell. next time i'll wear long trousers as well.
with elke, one of the women, i went out for dinner that night and sold her one of my lariam packets (anti-malarial drug). i didn't enjoy that evening that much - i just didn't know how to move around or sit without being in horrible pain. i can't remember when i got burned that badly the last time.

the next morning it took me ages to get out of my bed, my legs were so stiff and painfull, i just couldn't stand on them. AUA!
i got a new ticket back to kuala besut and then met sam again who had just started his diving course. with him were two young women and one of them were writing her phd about long term travellers. so we sat down on the beach (very carefully) for an interview. lots of queations i never had thought about before. travelling is a way of living and you're not questioning that so much. it was quite interesting, made me think about a few things.
anyway, i caught my boat and spent the rest of the day in kuala besut, moving around very slowly, god what a pain. i got some aloe vera which gave me a bit of relief, but still it seemed the pain would last for a while longer.

after one day and night in kuala besut i decided to go to kota bharu, there was not that much to do in kuala besut and i felt like going to a town for a change. i spent a couple of hours on doing a very sorrow washing of all my clothes, after being on beaches etc all the time some of them looked like they could stand or walk on their own. i just had my long trouseres and one t-shirt left, long trouseres are not the best thing when you're sunburned, but then there was nothing else left to wear.
in the afternoon i had a look around the city, nothing special but a bit of a variety of food - very important!
and then i met roberto from italy. he was moving into the dorm with me and he was one of the strangest guys i've ever met. he had spent over a year in a buddhist monastry in thailand and was going to become a monk. we spent the evening together, went for the nightmarket and sat up at our hotel, sharing a few beers. i still can't say what it was about him but he was very different - something between enlightened and just weird, very strange.

because my washing was still not dry i had to stay another day. i tried to finish my diary but of course there was a lot of trouble with the computers.
nothing special that day, still in bloody pain, when will that stop, just tried to have a quiet and relaxing day. i met jana (the one who was doing that interview with me) on the nightmarket. but because the weather didn't look too good we just bought some food, had a little chat (she burned her thighs) and then went back to our places for dinner. i came back just in the right time, the rain started pouring down the moment i arrived at the hotel.

thursday (27.9.) i took the bus to the thai boarder and then got on the train to bangkok. it took 20h and i was glad about my decision to take a sleeping berth.
so, back in bangkok after about four months and this time not being ill or having high fever, what a change. coming back to the guesthouse i had stayed before was nice. "you've been away a while. your bag is still in the storeroom." it's a nice feeling when people remember you after quite a long time and i mean i hadn't spent that many days there, but she remembered that i was looking very bad that time.
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