June 2001

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June, 8     TOP

after a long break here some more infos about the last few weeks. back to sunday 20th of may. i went to sihanoukville and this time the bus didn't break down. on the bus i met iris from switzerland and we decided to stay at the same place. funny thing, while we went for some lunch i saw peter and conny again. so of course the four of us were sitting together and exchanged what we've been up to the last weeks. conny and peter told us about pam and peter, a couple end fifties, who have been travelling for 19 months. we decided to meet for dinner and go out for having a sunday roast! it was a funny night with a lot of beer!

the next day we all met up for breakfast and besides pam and peter, who escaped right in time, we spent the whole day sitting and chatting, just moving from one place to another. there are these days where you just sit and talk and it's just great having a wonderful company and talk about things in life. that evening i met up with pam and peter. the only annoying point was one english guy, completely stoned, who kept on talking nonsens. so we moved away. met iris and then tried to go back to the place we had been before, but this guy was still sitting there. so iris and i had our dinner in another place till we saw that someone else had chosen to sit next to that guy. at the end all four of us went back and took a table as far away of this guy as possible. conny and peter didn't come around that night, they actually just overslept.

the next morning all six of us had a long breakfast together, iris, conny and peter left that day around lunch time to go back to phnom penh. so i went to the beach with peter and pam, went for a swim and later on booked my ticket for the boat to koh kong. so peter, pam and i had our last night together in sihanoukville.

the next day i got on the boat to koh kong. god, that was rough, i'm usually not seasick, but this time i had to swallow hard a few times and i was glad when we arrived in koh kong. it's not a lot to do in koh kong, especially when you arrive late afternoon, so i just got a room (later on i had to figure out that my choice was not the best - it smelled not really nice, especially after a bit of rain) and settled down at otto's place for the rest of the evening with a couple from cologne who just arrived from thailand.
actually that day my problems started in a way. i didn't feel very good. not sick, just restless and not like being myself. because of that and of a big argument i witnessed the next morning, i decided to leave for thailand. great, i hate this bargaining, first over the boat which has to get you to the other side of the river and then with the motocyclo drivers who have to bring you to the border. i actually had to argue with my driver again after being half way to the border. he thought he could get much more money, but after i explained him i wouldn't mind walking 3km he kept on driving. then you just show your passport, one guy wanted to search my bags, but gave it up after a glance into them and there you are in thailand. that couple from cologne had recommended a place to stay in trat. i wasn't keen on going to bangkok straight away so i decided to give it a chance. good decision, the people running that place are just great and although the mother can't speak english and i can't speak thai we had some very nice conversations with each other. i stayed altogether three nights in trat and my mood was going from bad to worse and i felt just not very good but still ignored it, just being tired all the time.

saturday morning i saw peter and pam again who had arrived the day before and were on there way to koh chang. that day i made my mind up to go to bangkok and give that city a try. in a way a good decision and in a way a bad one as well.

anyway on the 27th i took the bus to bangkok and the further i got away from trat the worse i felt. i ended up getting to bangkok with fever and feeling horrible. i just got a room (the worst i've ever been in, but cheap), fell asleep and then woke up because i had made the mistake to get a room in kaosan road, so you hear the music from min three different places. i could have killed someone or myself, feeling so horrible, shivering from feeling cold then turning into heat and then you here this "bum-bum-bum" from downstairs, what else do you need to have a shitty night.

next morning i took a taxi to get to the nearest hospital; having fever the first time after 15 years makes you think you could be serious ill. they couldn't find malaria or dengue fever, but there was something wrong and so i got antibiotics. i moved to another place that morning and stayed the rest of the day mainly in bed.

that was actually what i did for the next two days. besides the women of my place told me a thai massage would be something good for me - afterwards i felt like i would never be able to move proper again. thai massage is a mixture of martial art, acrobatics and sado/maso. i should have stayed in bed feeling miserable, so i've been up and felt more miserable!!!

Ongoing from the same day, some hours later:

on the other hand these ladies were looking after me, giving me something to eat (i lost my appetite as well), giving me a relaxation massage etc.

anyway, on wednesday i took the nighttrain to surat thani. quite pleasant travel, besides i still didn't know how to lay down with as little pain as possible, never again thai massage.

arriving in surat thani i got on the bus to phuket, where i changed to a tuktuk (bloody expensive, but the only way to get to the beaches, there was no bus going anymore). first i tried my luck in karon, because i knew meryce and her family would stay somewhere there. but after checking the prices for a room i changed my plans and went to kata, the next beach. i found a big room with own bath and being really exhausted just felt asleep after a stroll along the beach.

the next day i went to the place, meryce and her family were staying or due to arrive. i actually walked down there which was probably a mistake. arriving at the resort i figured out my skin had changed into bright red with white spots and that was no sunburn. i could have scratched myself all the time. great, allergic reaction on the antibiotics. so it was just a brief reunion with meryce and instead having a nice day with them, i went to see a doctor and got some antihistamines. having this reaction meant staying in the shade, best in the room. so i just went out shortly in the evenings and felt very pity for myself again. you wouldn't believe how many cold showers someone can take, to get some relief. it was so itchy and burned like hell. after two days i had enough and also phuket is just bloody expensive. so i took the bus to get to krabi on sunday, 3rd of june. because the itchiness wouldn't stop and this stuff meryce had given to me didn't really work i went to the pharmacy again (this just costs a hell of a lot of money). but the fluid i got worked, wonderful. i actually have spent all my days here just sitting at the guesthouse, reading a lot and trying to make my mind up what i'll do when i feel better. even though on wednesday there was some change in my daily life. i went out that night with seven thais to go for a pub and drink whiskey, eat some thai food and just having a great night although i just understood half of what was going on around me, but still i had a great time.

now we have friday 8th, i just finished "maya" by jostein gaarder and made my mind up to leave this place tomorrow without having seen anything of it. but it's just that i've been ill all the time and at the moment i feel like moving on and get away from the place i didn't feel well and make a new start. till now i must say thailand is not very impressive. perhaps i should have gone up north in the first place. now i think i'll go further south, perhaps down to sumatra. i've got still a few months till i go back to tasmania, so i'll just have a look round.
June, 19     TOP

still june, 8th but a new decision made. what happened was that boun, she's running this place here, asked me if i'm looking for a job. yep, of course, so she introduced me to chris and he gave me a number to call.

so next morning i called the number of that place and got through to the casting office, got a date for the afternoon for an interview. till then i didn't know a lot about what kind of job or whatever it was. the only thing i knew was that hallmark production has put up a set for "swiss family robinson" and that they were looking for pale european people. in the afternoon i went down to the maritime to go for my interview just to figure out they had just left 20min ago. thank you very much. so there was not alot to do for me, i went to the production office, left them my adress and e-mail and went back to ao nang.

the next day nothing happened, went for a walk around ao nang and along the beach, watched my movie and did what i've been doing mainly here - reading.

monday morning i called the casting office again and got another date for the afternoon. so back to krabi and this time they were actually there, great. i had to fill in a form about me, they took a few photos and interviewed me. anyway as it seems, if i do get the job i'll have to shave my hair off!? what they are looking for are two women playing convicts in this film and as it seems it's not easy to find a woman who says it's alright to shave her hair off. it will grow back, hopefully.
they pay you about 1000 baht a day of work, you get food and it could be a nice experience. now i have to wait what they do decide, what means i have to stay around my place for the next days, but then there is this nice place where you can swap books just nextdoor....

so there is not that much to write about for the next days. i've been around here, reading most of the day (i really enjoyed that, found some very good books), tried to get in contact with the casting office a few times...
but i also met some nice people, especially sven and katrin, with whom i had very nice, intersting and long talks in barnie's place.

on my brother's birthday i had my second phonecall back home since i'm in asia, good to hear from people at home sometimes, although i felt a bit homesick afterwards, but that never keeps for long.

on saturday i had a strange situation at barnie's place, women shouldn't go into a pub on there own, no that's rubbish. but anyway, there was this swedish guy coming in, starting conversation, had just arrived in thailand, had been in moscow before and was on party for the last seven days. my goodness, he tried really hard to pick me up for that night, but i must say, i'm not that keen on onenight stands and he was absolutly not my type of man. i don't know where i got it from, but telling him i'm a lesbian - five minutes later he was gone and another five minutes later we saw him walking along with a thai woman.
that's something i won't get used to, how many men are running around with thai women. the thing is, some are married and you can't always tell what's going on, it is weird, but there is a high percentage of prostitution going on down here.

anyway, the last days i started feeling really restless, i've been here to long and then it started raining for the last 2-3 days also, so i needed a decision.

yesterday, monday 18th, i got the casting office on the phone again. they still haven't decided and it can take another 1 or 2 weeks till they find a decision. the thing is i can't wait that long, my visa is running out on friday and i have to go down to malaysia and i actually don't want to hang around here for another 1 or 2 weeks without anything to do. they do have my e-mail, so if they want me they can send me a mail and i can decide if i want to come back or not.

now it's tuesday and i'll leave today my seaworld gh, but first i had to finish this. i still don't know where i'm going to today, depends where the buses are going to, either trang or hatyai or straight down to malaysia, whatever, as long as i'm on the move again.
June, 20     TOP

only a short entry because i don't know when i'll have internet again. i went from krabi to trang yesterday, which took me a few hours. the afternoon i've spent walking around the town and trying to figure out what to do next. the solution came in the evening, when i saw an add.

anyway this morning i went to kantang to extend my visa for another 14 days because in an hour i'm leaving for sukorn island - nearly free of tourists (last weekend there were 5) and as it seems a nice quiet spot. but that's something i'll tell later more about when i'm back. so no news for a while!
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