May 2002

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May, 23

May (Anette's & Karsten's Tasmania tour)     TOP

Some photos and brief notes you find in the "Photographs"-section...
May, 23     TOP

Written in May, I (Karsten) took it with me back to Germany.


So, there we go, it's months ago since the last entry but I really didn't feel like writing at all. But now there are some changes coming up. I'm closing the last chapter and move on in a new direction.
The time in Tasman House was really weird. I mean just travelling through is one thing but I've been living there for the last 5 months and that's not only a fair bit of time, it was just too long. But then I needed the right impulse to get moving again. I had a lot of fun during the last months, made some fantastic friends or renewed friendships, met heaps of nice people, some briefly, some for a bit longer. Of course there is the other side as well. Some people should really stay in their homecountry and be miserable there instead of coming over to other countries and try to make everyone else feel miserable.
Anyway in some ways these seemed to be very long 5 months and in otherways time was flying by.

Till christmas I felt always like being on a verge, I was so restless. All what I had come for just didn't work out and it took me a long time to accept this and find a new way, a new purpose, something I wanted to do and I would enjoy. If there wouldn't have been Anna and Mel giving me a lot of inputs and sometimes a kick in the arse as well I might have fallen back into my old ways.
The big turning point was christmas and new year. It was like new energy was pouring down, although on christmas it looked more like rain wasting Mel and me away.
The both of us spent christmas in Wayatinah, camping at the lake. The whole time it was pouring down with rain, but still, being out of all this hectic, preparing etc. it was so beautiful and who cares if it is raining when you've got dry spots to sit, a fire going (after Mel chopped the firewood in the rain and it took me nearly an hour to get the fire properly going). We had nice company and it was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable christmas I ever had.
Coming back home, Anna had a surprise, she got this really nice bedwarmer called Jeft for christmas, even though it took me quite long to meet him.

But probably I should explain a bit more about things or people. Anna and I met and instantly knew there's your counterpart. If you're got someone you just have to look at and you know what the otherone is thinking - fantastic and sometimes a bit scary (I don't like it when people have just a look at you and they start loughing!). Anyway, we were or still are fantastic at bitching, being mean if necessary and having heaps of fun. After a short while we installed some rituals. Having an early coffee/tea in the morning before everyone else gets up, besides Mick or Kim were joining us sometimes. Or having our day of treats, usually once a week, which means we went out for a drive, op-shopping (opportunity shops, second hand) and a good cappucino and latte (australian slang: espresso with steamed milk). The usual saying was "come on, we go and scare the locals". Some people actually thought we were sisters. And then there were all these other fantastic people we met, Jill & Judy, Taka, Sean, Chris, Seng Mi, Tomoko, Ianto, Soredi, Hans & Annette (although Annette and I disliked each other), Kim, Mick, Kevin, Toshi, Seigi and Kane and all the others (hope, I decoded Anettes handwriting correctly). Some you just met briefly, but all these mentioned were staying for a bit longer up to 2 months. And these were people I really liked to be with.

And then there was Mel with her daughter Maia and Peter. Mel and I got very close, different to Anna and me, but someone whos company is just inspiring.
So, in a way it was Anna and Mel who rescued me from just drifting along.

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