March 2001

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After finishing my last entry on Friday, I found out I forgot to buy some stamps while I was shopping in Dover. Damn! But four korean people took the letter with them and promised to mail it for me, hopefully they've done it (they did, Karsten). Shawn took me down to Lune River. After deciding to join that seakayak course next week, I thought a bit exercise would be good for me. I really don't want to look like a complete idiot not knowing how to handle a paddle. The next thing was to find out how to paddle in a straight line, not as easy as I thought. Kanouing is a bit easier and not as much exhausting anyway.

It was absolutely beautiful, besides a few fisher I was on my own, could take my time and had time for some birdspotting.
One part of the river is a bit tricky. It opens up to the size of a big lake and it's much more windy there. It's always a bit of a fight not to drift too far out. But I managed that not too bad. At the end I've paddled about 8 km downstream to a nice remote beach and had my lunch down there.
The way back was much more tricky, 8 km upstream with the wind from the front, just a few chances for a break (hiding behind trees which were lying in the water - otherwise you drift back). And then the clouds moved as well and the sun came out - bugger. Coming back I was totally exhausted, gripped lifevest and paddle and started walking back, thinking why didn't I take my car with me. But it seems I'm born on a lucky side, I got a lift with a busdriver. Everyone was looking at me how I did manage to get a lift (I've been the only one for a long time) - well, just being in the right place on the right time.
Wet and exhausted as I was I just got a change and fell on the sofa for a nap. But stupid me had said I'll cook for everyone, so it was just a short nap.

Cooking dinner that evening meant learning something new - silverside meat means it's salted and is more like corned beef - it doesn't look like it when you buy it. So I had to go shopping again to get some cream. On that way I also got some ice-cream and sparkling wine, not a good idea, but who cares. It was a funny night and I got really drunken. But the best thing was what Take did. I had asked him the night before how long it would take him to crochet me a hat, three days was the answer. But actually I was just kidding. When I walked inside Friday night Take was sitting there crocheting. I asked him what he was doing - making me a hat, god he is gorgeous. So I'll get a new hat for my seakayaking (I still have to finish my legwarmers).

Saturday was my lazy day, I had a bit problems with my right wrist, so I decided to do nothing besides reading my book and just relax, I don't want to be a wreck before I start with my course. Take made his first vegieburgers and they were pretty good, only carrots were missing. A beautiful lazy sunny day.... and nothing special happened.

Sunday 4th - the day I'm leaving, but just for a short term. Tried to pack my things in a good way but in the end I decided just to forget about it and threw everything in the car. Isn't it handy to have a car on your own....
Anyway I left after lunchtime to go to tasman peninsula, took two girls with me who wanted to go to Cygnet. It's a quite long drive and I was a bit tired when I arrived at the White Beach Caravan Park. And then you stand there with a tent you've never put up before, it worked out well at the end. For dinner I went out to the tavern in Nubeena. Had a nice dinner, fish of the day, chips, salad and a rapsberry roll for dessert. I went to bed quite early and a bit excited, you never know what the next day will be like.

I won't write down every single day of the seakayaking course. That would mean explaining every single stroke and so, just a resume:
Monday morning, waiting for the group to arrive. Actually they have been waiting for me in Hobart, why do you call people to say where you'll meet up when messages are not passed over. Anyway the week was great, first time for me to live on five minute noodles, an experience I didn't really enjoy.
Altogether we were twelve people plus three instructors. We were divided into three groups and stayed in these groups for the week.
Heaps of paddling, wet exits (bloody cold, next time I want a wetsuit instead of thermals and shorts), deep water rescues (I can climb back into my kayak without floating support!) and so on.
For dinner we had a little group every night: Reece, Nick, Michelle, Angelika and I, was a nice group and we had quite a lot of fun. I must say after all this paddling I was quite exhausted every single night. Sometimes I wasn't sure if I will ever be able to move again. But it was great! Getting up at 6.30am, be ready by 8.00am, have a lunch break for an hour and go on paddling till 4.00pm, then at 7.00pm meeting, short resume and watching kayaking videos, afterwards nearly straight to bed. I definitely want my own kayak when I come back home, whenever that will be.

We finished the course around lunchtime on Friday. So I went straight back to Lune River. I was so exhausted when I arrived there, but before I went shopping in Huonville and got a cask of wine, a carton vb and a bottle of Tullamore Dew, which I started drinking when I arrived Lune River. The best thing was Rumiko was there, brought me my photos and some letters. Wonderful to meet her again! That day I swore I'll have a lazy day on Saturday - no worries!

Saturday morning I got up, having my breakfast, when A2 asked me if I would do the cleaning with Take because Yuya was in Hobart, trying to get a ticket back to Japan. Of course I did - so much about doing nothing. Rumiko left that day back to Devonport. She wants to go on the overland track and then starts apple picking in a few weeks. The rest of the day was quite easy going but the highlight was Tessa giving me a massage. Take looked a bit strange at me lying on the sofa - he should have seen the back of a woman before.

We actually got two new inhabitants here - Jim & Ian. Funny two angora goats (called after two neighbours), and a chicken moved in as well, it adopted this place a few days ago.

The next day Tessa left to start woofing at Debbies Place just around the corner. It was a weird day, I felt homesick - bah, tried to call heaps of people, read a lot, finished my first legwarmer and was the whole day in a really strange mood. The night I spent sleeping on a sofa on the veranda, quite comfi and you can see the sunrise!

I'll try to catch up with my diary to today in the next days, I'm just really lazy at the moment. But if I don't send this part right now you'll never get new infos from down under.
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Before I go on with more infos about life in Lune River I do have to write down our famous dessert recipe (thanks to Rosic - still thinking of her!)

Sticky Date Pudding -
To make cake:
To make sauce:
Serve cake topped with hot sauce, cream and/or ice-cream

I actually could include much more recipes. I've started inventing new things but that should be enough. It's definitely worth a try, it's great!
No leftovers - for sure!

Monday, February 12th
Take went of with the kayak for an overnight trip to Deephole Bay. So I did the cleaning of the hostel together with Yuya, the rest of the day I've been mainly reading, baked some more coconut cookies and had a quit day. Early evening I went fishing with A2 in one of the kanous. I'm hopeless in kanous now, poor A2, next time he should asked someone else. The night was strange. Sharing my room with 6 men. Went just to bed and the first started snoring, okay, doesn't bother me, then the next started snoring, still okay, but then someone started crunching his teeth, time to leave. Just when I got out of bed, the next started sighing and talking while he was asleep. So I thought better stay on the veranda again, but then I got an asylum in the dorm next door.

The next day A2 moved me out of my dorm into the woofers kennel with Yuya and Take. So now I'm officially helping here - which means doing the cleaning!
Lara came over with one of her jumpers, Take told her he new someone who could repair it for her - me!
But the best thing of the day was that Ingrid arrived. Sometimes you meet people and you know right from the beginning that it will work out. I actually told her that she would stay here for two weeks ("But I want to see more of Tasmania and in two weeks I have to go back home") when we went to the pub in Southport for dinner. Dessert was an applecake I had baked that afternoon (I'm getting better and better in baking).

Next morning we had to get up quite early, not a problem for me, but Ingrid (!?).
Bernhard, Ingrid and I wanted to go on the advanced cave tour with Shawn. That means leaving at 8.30 am probably (Lune River Time is always a bit different - the glowworm tour officially starts at 6.30 pm the latest while I was here was 10 pm), so getting "dressed up" in overalls and gumboots, helmet and torch and off we went (8.40 am - germans are quit in time). Driving for about 10 min, then a nice walk through rainforest and I saw my first Liarbirds! Funny creatures - they are good in imitating noises. The cave itself is amazing even we just did an extended glowworm tour because Ingrid is afraid of heights (what she actually said in the first place the night before).
But still it was great even someone stepped on my fingers so that I lost my grip and slided down for 1,5 m, but cats always fall on their feet. I just twisted my right shoulder a bit but that I really figured out a bit later, got some scratches and nice bruises, but who cares. Especially not when you lay down underneath a ceiling full of glowworms - amazing, it's like a wonderful sky of stars. I have to go again and then for the advanced (matchbox squeeze!).

The rest of the day was funny as well. Shawn and especially A2 complaining that they didn't get anything for Valentines Day (stupid thing), Take did get a phonecall from his girlfriend. Ingrid and I then went off to pick some flowers (thistles would have been nice or other flowers with stitches). When we came back Stuart had arrived meanwhile so we walked on a bit further to get him some flowers as well. They looked quite embarrassed when we handed the flowers over, a beer in one hand, flowers in the other, so we had to take pictures of the three (the one I took shows their expressions very good).
Ingrid gave me that evening a massage (it's always handy to have a physiotherapist close by) for my shoulder. That night I had a long good talk with Shawn.

Next morning after the cleaning I went to Dover for some shopping, met Tessa and had a little chat with her. In the afternoon I had to go again to Dover to pick up Wolfgang who was coming back (why?!). But before that I had a really nice chat with Edward Kyelly who is living in Geeveston. We were talking about Lotte Lenya, Comedian Harmonists etc. and he new a lot of words. A very nice man, he actually invited me for a cup of tea in his place, I should really go.
Anyway, Wolfgang asked me about food, well, after having been here before he should know that you either go shopping or just eat vegieburgers or barbiepacks. He came into the kitchen while I was preparing chillie and looked at me saying: "Oh, that's with meat." - "So what's wrong with that?" - "I'm vegetarian!" Excuse me - I didn't invite him for dinner, so why is he complaining (Germans!).
Take was baking that night a birthday cake for two ladies who would come the next day with their hiking group.

What a shock the next day, these ladies just didn't only arrive, they actually invaded the place - I was reminded to "Chicken Run". They were like a swarm coming in and then, after a couple of hours, they all went off for a hike - wow, it was really quiet then.
Brian arrived that day as well, very nice man, good in giving people a hard time in a funny way. That night we had a pizza night and the ladies took over our fire place. I was baking bread again (13 loafs) and we had a lot of fun.

Saturday the invaders left early for another hike up Adamsons Peak, some place Shawn and Ingrid were heading off too.
I had a quiet day, a bit of cooking, nice chats, enjoying the sun.... just a nice day. Actually I started feeding Brian that day, "elderly bushwalker - please feed".

On Sunday A2 had his crazy day. A1 went on a walk with a group, people started calling from Cockle for getting a lift, not enough cars around, cave tour going and he tried to organize everything and seemed to go mad. It all worked out fine at the end but I think A2 got some new grey hairs during that day.
In the evening Ingrid started her first palmreadings, having a look for the future. It was really funny and in a way interesting - I'll never have a lot of money but will go on travelling.

So now I'm only 3½ weeks behind with my diary, but better send this off now. More news will come in a while.
March, 30     TOP

wow, i know this time it took me ages, but here i am back again with some new old news.

back to monday 19th, february (shit that's long ago). the day didn't really work out in the way i wanted. a1 told me about an hour before the seakayak course should start that i can't join in. yeah, great, well i know i said craig should decide if i would fit in the group, but do i have to hear that decision that late???? excuse me, but that's not fair - anyway i think i didn't show how i felt, just stayed calm - but i could have kicked something. so what to do, all my plans spoiled, didn't know what to do till i got this great idea to go on with my cooking but start charging people $5 to join in. so brian and ingrid made signs for me "dinner $5 order before noon with anette b.y.o.". we put them up on the fridges and the funny thing is it works, people are joining in. ingrid and i went to dover after saying good bye to brian. actually we wanted to go to the oppshop, but of course it was closed, so we went to the bookshop and had a look around there.
derek came back that afternoon from his trip to the rivulet and we had another night with music and palmreading at the fire.

tuesday was a very lazy day, just reading and sleeping, a few talks. ena came that day and the two dutchies and monika!!!!!! about monika i could write a book, she was a complete pain in the ass. but more about that later.

on wednesday ingrid and i got into the oppshop and she bought this wonderful calendar (i hope she doesn't forget to scan a few pictures of it). i've been reading a lot again, but the best was ingrid's and my jelly - cake - custard - experiment. the idea was ingrid baking a chocolate cake, me making some pearjelly. ingrid burnt her cake, my jelly wouldn't get stiff and everything looked a bit weird. anyway i got the idea to cut all the good pieces of ingrid's chocolate cake off, fish the pears out of my jelly, put the cake pieces in a bowl, pears on top, make some custard cover everything with it - and it was great. next day mick found an add in the papers someone wanted help in a bakery, not a job for us besides to learn.... but ewe had a lot of fun, sometimes it's great if not everything works out in the first place.

the next day ena left (she was really nice) and i had a busy day (without cooking). i went down to cockle for a pick up. when i drove off it was two people, when i arrived there were five of them. so i squeezed them into my car and told them i would them just bring to lune river and that we will sort out how to get them to hobart. this one woman was a bit annoying, "but i want to go to hobart", yeah, great but not in my car with altogether six people and five backpacks - no way. anyway, two boys got a lift from lune river up to hobart with some other guys and i took that woman and her two friens up to hobart. actually she was quite nice after everything was sorted, but down in cockle i could have left her behind. when i came back i was too tired and it was a bit late as well to cook, so we went to the southport tavern. i think if you want to have a medium steak there you have to order it row, but otherwise the food is good.

on friday derek went off - i think after about 1 1/2 weeks. but the really sad thing for me was that Take left. after that long time it's hard to see someone leaving and he was a very special person. when he drove off with charlie, mick looked at me: "you're not starting to cry?!" -no- so i went into the bathroom started scrabbing the toilet and cried for my own...

well anyway, now we get to one story about monika: monika got everyone of us through the last days on the nerves, demanding, rude, pinching everyones food.... so thursday night ingrid, the boys (twan and bas, our lovely dutchies) and i wanted to go canouing and of course monika as well, "i'll come with you". well, i did the cleaning, monika was hanging around, the others made themselves comfy and so on. then the moment came when monika said she would go for a shower. i saw her walking off, i heard the shower and in five minutes i had everyone in my car with paddles, even yuya, who didn't really know what happened to him. i didn't tell anyone why we had to leave that quick. the canouing was great, the dutchies in one canou, ingrid and yuya in the other and me in the kayak. we were paddling around for a while, then yuya started to shout, was trying to hit something with his paddle and we couldn't understand what was going on in the first place. actually there was a cocroache (kakerlake) somewhere in the boat and he tried either to kill it or get it out of the boat. i was actually waiting for him to fall out of the canou. i don't know if he got rid of it or not but he calmed down. when we were just thinking of paddling back i heard someone shouting, lara standing at the shore asking us in neills place for a cup o coffee. so we made a stop there, had a chat and a coffee and after that went back to the bridge - where monika just arrived with a2 (he didn't look good that moment). she grapped my kayak and off she went. well. in the time while we're enjoying ourselves she's been given a2 the shits. "where are they, i wanted to go canouing, where are the canous, i want to have one right now......" i'm glad we were not around.

ingrid and i went to debbies place afterwards because i needed some vegies and herbs - what a walk, we had so many important things to discuss, plans for the future - very important plans for the future - which we keep as a secret! (sorry about that, but that's non of your business) the highlight of the day (i wrote it down like that in my diary): rubbing mick's belly! don't ask, some people need that ...

saturday 24th, why are all the nice people leaving so fast (after 5 weeks or 2 weeks). ingrid's last day. so i went with her to hobart on the bus. what a great morning, me in a complete trash mood, trying on clothes (most of them didn't fit) in extreme designs and colours. something you can only do with a few people and ingrid is good for this sort of things.

i nearly forgot, monika went with us on the bus (no, we went without her to salamanca market, we wanted to have fun) for leaving lune river!!!!!!
anyway i got heaps of vegies on the market, they are really cheap there, and afterwards ingrid and i went back to the transit centre bp. sitting outside, enjoying the sun till liz from the bp came out asking for a1. because he wasn't there she gave the message to me - take monika's backpack back to lune river, she's coming back with lara - excuse me? she's doing what?
anyway, we had to take her stuff back, say see you for x-mas to ingrid and then pass over this wonderful message to a2. i knew he would love it...
but sometimes men can have good ideas, he actually put her backpack into mick's car (you should never offer to let someone stay with you) and he had to take her with him (i felt a bit sorry for him, but only a bit).
toki arrived that day - Take leaves, toki comes. oh, when lara came back from town her car was packed with vegies, and she gave heaps to me, it looks like sunday is a big kitchenday, cooking everything and put it in the freezer.

you think you're so organised, everything's easy... and then a sunday comes and you think you go mad - insane - crazy. i've been in the kitchen for the whole day, i didn't know it would be that much work - and the only bloody tape i had was the beatles, buhuuu. yuya sleeping on the sofa, toki for a walk, everyone gone, only me to talk to. then - late afternoon - someone entering the kitchen - conversation??? talk to me!!! but it was a2 and after i told him that if the moment comes when i talk to myself in german it will be scary - can't here the beatles anymore - want to talk to someone - and he just walked off laughing and telling everyone better not to go into the kitchen at the moment!!!!!! help!!! i think that evening i drank a bit more...

okay so that's the report about one more week. only 5 weeks left to be on time again, shit (language, anette!) perhaps i write tomorrow a bit more. otherwise i'll write a long letter on sunday during my flight to saigon.
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