February 2001

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after writing my last entry (saturday, 21st january) for the diary we decided to have lunch before leaving for hobart. so i had to get 8 fish and 4 scoops of chips for all of us. weird feeling, to know this is our last lunch we have together as this group.
afterwards we had a little photosession and then it was time for jolein, miwa, Take and me to leave. we gave jolein a lift to a backpacker in launceston and then the three of us drove up to hobart, again to the transit centre backpackers. i felt so tired after a while that Take had to drive the last 30 km, but he is a good driver (especially for a japanese, sorry, don't mean to be a racist!). the rest of the day was quite lazy, got some indian curry take away, made a bracelet, watched a bit telly and went to bed quit early.

the next morning Take went to the immigration office to extend his visa and i went to town to get some money and a german newspaper. of course i forgot to take my passport with me, so i just got the newspaper (the first one with news about europe and especially germany since i left home).

before leaving hobart we went shopping (lune river is just a very small place - shopping there? no way!). so i packed my trolley with all that good stuff, handed over my creditcard at the counter and nothing happened - again. these are the situations i really hate, so i asked the woman at the counter if i could leave the trolly, go to the bank and try to get money. at the bank they weren't able to give me money on my creditcard, but lucky me, i had one traveller cheque with me. so i could pay for my food and then Take and i went to the german bakery to get some propper bread.

after arriving in lune river i tried to sort my things out. i had just thrown everything into my backpacks and it was a complete mess, took me a while to get everything in order. the rest of the day i've reading the "fifth elephant", Take cooked and it was one of these quiet days. in the evening it was quite stormy outside so no way to lite up a fire.   People of Lune River
next morning i thought i should do a bit of exercise, after all these lazy days i had. so i walked up to duckhole lake and creekton falls. the walk up to duckhole lake is very easy. not steep, wide and not overgrown with gras and ferns. but up to creekton falls it was a bit more tricky because there are heaps of trees fallen over the track and sometimes you can't see where the track is going on, or you don't know if it is easier to crawl underneath or climb over the trees, but it was a good fun (ever the falls weren't really impressive). on the way back i had one of my scary experiences. you know, most times snakes lay on the walkways still like branches or twigs, but i really don't like them if they lay there circled up showing their head on top. and of course i saw it in the last moment, so i jumped away - i hate this moments.

that night it was my turn to cook dinner, so we had some vegetable and sat afterwards outside around a bonfire, ricky ("what can i do? oh, oh, oh") playing the guitar (itsch). yuya playing the guitar better and Take knowing a few songs really to play on the guitar. yuya showed us that night that of course japanese can play the didgeridoo (he was able to do this bloody circulate breathing and it took him just one day to learn it).

on wednesday morning just after getting up shawn reminded me that i said i would go canoeing that day, i nearly forgot. so we drove off to lune river, jürgen, richard, steven, two swiss girls and me for a 8 km canoeing tour. getting in the boat jürgen floated richard's and his canoe, so we called it the yellow submarine. steven and i managed it quite well and were ahead of the others in short time. canoeing without being complete sober is a bit of a work, but you know, you can manage every thing if you want. it was a beautiful trip, nice scenery, a bit cloudy what i prefer to bright sunshine when you're paddling around. had a stop at a beach for tea and fruitcake. harvested some oysters and mussels and paddled down to ida bay, there, where is the railway station. before the railway (funny little thing) come to pick us up there was enough time for a barbie with the oysters and mussels and of course i burnt one of my fingers (you can still see the blister). i nearly forgot, steven and i were always on the search for a new challenge, so we paddled a bit further around an island and still were at the shore before the swiss girls (we need a new chellenge!).

in the afternoon lou and i went to dover for some shopping, but otherwise it was a quiet afternoon. andrew promised to cook dinner, eventually we got some late night, burned chicken drumsticks and a nice salad - rosie made, not andrew of course. and again a late night at the fire outside. actually that night i decided to stay longer here, shawn told me about a sea kayaking course they would like to join and that they still need more people to join in.

so after getting up the next morning i called the "spirit" to change my ferry ticket for a week later. then i had to call denise to tell her i won't clean the fridge. the only thing she asked after i told her when i'll be back was: "but you are cleaning the fridge then?!"

i enjoyed that day very much. we had a woman's gathering around the fire, crocheting, knitting, talking. i baked some coconut cookies, so we had cookies and tea and all of the men tried to stay away from us. andrew told us we spoil the image of the place, it's an adventure place and we've knitting and crocheting....

in the afternoon i showed Take how to bake some propper bread. he standing next to me writing everything down in his notebook.
late afternoon lou and i went to the gemstone collection next door, amazing what you can find around here and of course we had to go to one of the gemstonefields on our own afterwards. we didn't find any fossil, but granite and other wonderful stones. then i gave lou a footmassage she really appreciated and she told me i should put on a sign "footmassages for $10".

none of us was in the mood to cook, so Take, naioki, lou, rosie, shawn, steven, andrew, andrew and i went in the bus to the pub, for a really nice meal. and you wouldn't believe we had a long night at the five.

friday was a completly lazy day. it was raining nearly the whole day. not in the first couple of hours. i wanted to find a nice spot in the forest to keep up my diary a bit. eventually i found a wonderful place, sat down, wrote my things and then THEY came out. THEY have been waiting for me, THEY wanted to have breakfast. heaps of mossies trying to have breakfast on me, time to leave very quickly. (actually my legs looks like i've got the measles, sandflies are even more nasty than mossies.) i arrived back in time before it started raining. so i read a bit, crochet a bit, slept a lot.

because nothing happened that day i should describe how this place looks like. there is a really nice house with three bedrooms (i'm on the topbunk of course, which is a bit of a climb and i always think the bed will come off the wall), small sitting room with an open fire, big kitchen. outside is a woofers kennel, a shed for the office. two campervans at the lake, a shelter, a bonfire place, a barbie and a tipi. behind the lake you can see the hills (world heritage area) and it's a very peaceful place, a few houses around and otherwise just kind of a wilderness. so the place to stay and relax!

anyway during the evening the weather cleaned up (weather does change here in an hour about four times and it's much colder than in the north) and we sat again outside. that night andrew 1 (we've got two of them here running this place) played the guitar and we got a variety of songs (yuya still can just play two songs).

the most exciting things the next day happened late afternoon (before that i just finished my book, went shopping with yuya...).
we had a pizza night, so everyone was making their own pizzas and baking them in the stoneoven outside. for not to waste the heat i decided to bake some bread. i was thinking about two or three loafs till andrew 2 said they had heaps of different flavor and yeast and everything and if i couldn't do a few more. at the end i ended up with 8 kg of flour and 10 loaves of bread. i was glad that they've got one of these machines to knead the dough, even though i had to knead it after it has been rising.
but i still must say, that bread is better than most others you can get. the only thing i really missed was the slide show about sea kayaking because i had to look after my bread. therefore two loaves were gone during the night.
and i had two nice phonecalls, after silva's call i must have looked really excited, everyone was joking about me, bugger!
at midnight i told the japanese to sing a traditional birthday song for Take and what did they sing? - "happy birthday"....

sunday i was in a weird mood, a bit homesick and so on. had a nice and serious talk to rosie. later i drove to southport and went to the burying ground point to be a bit on my own. nice spot though, rocks to climb on (easy climbing), watching the sea and let your mind float.
on the way back i dropped in at the shop, got some icing sugar and baking powder. and then i baked my first coconut cake after ? years. just trying to remember what goes into a cake. but i really wanted to bake a birthday cake for Take. and i did a good job (what did horst say in the phone: "sounds like the right place for you with this baking and cooking"). in the evening jim come over with dave and her daughter and her daughter's friend (pebble and ally). funny girls about the age of 8 and 10 i think, telling me stories and jokes. later on i took them back to their tent at jim's place (one carrying on my back, one on my front because there were heaps of small stones and they were barefoot). had a more personal talk to Take about life, relationships and so on.

the sky was so beautiful that night, could see the milky way, and it wasn't that cold, so i decided to sleep outside on the sofa next to the fire. hitsumi, one of the japanese girls, wanted to join me, she never slept outside before and was really excited. so andrew 2 got a mattress for her. we took some blankets and our sleeping bags and it was great.
the only thing was next morning having all the people standing in your bedroom and talking. when i looked over to hitsumi she had a big smile on her face, i think she enjoyed it.

shawn, rosie, Take and i went canoeing that day. a bit longer this time, looking for oysters and mussels, Take fishing (he actually got five small flatheads). the weather wasn't really on our side, i got completely wet, then dried, got wet again and so on. weather changes all the time. but who cares? you just enjoy yourself, even i still could feel my shoulders often two days (kneading 8 kg dough).
even this was another day of big decisions (so i called horst and karsten after a long talk with andrew). anyway i will stay here another 3-4 weeks, waiting for sea kayaking course and just enjoy myself here. it's just a wonderful place to be. the moment andrew 1 finds out when the course will start. i have to change my ferryticket again. (will i ever leave tasmania???)
the rest of the day was like usual, chill out, talk to people, cook a bit, sit at the fire and just have a bloody good time.

now it's tuesday and i've spent half the day on writing this diary (some small breaks of course!). the weather is today completely out of control. you don't know how it will be in the next ten minutes. anyway, that's all for now, i feel a bit sorry for karsten (no problem) who has to type everything in the computer now, but there's no internet here (and no tellie or radio or anything else besides the phone).

next report in a few days.
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after writing the last part of my diary (9.30am - 2.00pm) jo and i went to dover for some shopping and to the post office. we went to the opp. shop and i found some ugly wool and knitting needles for $1.50 so now i can knit a pair of legwarmers, it's getting bloody cold here during nighttime.
after we came back i baked some orangecookies which were gone in a really short time. it was quite cold that night, so i was walking in and out of the house, sitting next to the fire inside or outside and startet my legwarmers. and eventually i won rosies and my contest who is doing the most ugly crocheting on knitting. my legwarmers are much more ugly than her hotwaterbottle cover (and that does mean something).

wednesday morning i went to hobart and took jo and yuko with me, great, so i got some money for the petrol.
rosie left that morning as well, what is really sad, i enjoyed her company - it's always strange when people leave you really like.

hobart was great, everything worked out besides we couldn't find the place jo wanted to go to because she forgot the adress in lune river. so we were cruising around till she decided to give up. at the end i dropped both off at the city centre backpackers.
i nearly forgot, on the way to hobart we made a stop in huonville at vinnies (another opp. shop) and i stocked up my clothings. after three months i'm a bit fed up with all these grey and dark colours. so i bought a pair of shorts (grey ?!) and a dress with heaps of roses on it for 8 bucks.

in hobart i wanted to get some thermals, i've been freezing in lune river too much. so i got two pairs of really fancy ones. one is striped in purple and green and the other is in rainbow stripes, i love it! afterwards i went to the bank and than again to the newsagency to get a german newspaper.

but the mainreason to go to hobart was the play that was in the botanical garden - "the wind in the willows". and it was definitly worth going. i had so much fun and they played a pretty good adaption of the book. still have to write down what they've been doing, trying to adapt a few things.

when i came back to lune river i was completely exhausted. it was the first hot day (of course, it was the day i got my thermals and now i don't need them) and i stayed in the sun all day.

andrew 1 told me that i could go for a sea kayaking course next week on tasman peninsula. so i'll be off on sunday to join in. better to do that, because the other course that starts on the 19th, is for tourguides and i should get a bit of an experience before that.

that night it was really mild and andrew 1 played the guitar at the fire.
the next day it was really hot especially for lune river (still no need for my therminals - it's always this way). too lazy to go for a walk, all kanous were hired out, so what you're going to do on a day like this.
first thing changing my ferry ticket again, 1st of march this time, will see if it works out, i will never get away from tassie! then i baked a cerry cake. i got 2 kg of cherries yesterday for 6 bucks, bargain! i'm getting good in baking cookies and cakes and breads.
shawn was in change because both andrews were in hobart. we were thinking about reorganizing the booking system (i'm not sure if you can call it a system at the moment). it was just a wonderful lazy summerday. because we were going to have another pizza night i started some more bread doughs, two with sundried tomatoes and olives and so on. i really enjoyed that day, wearing my new dress! so another pizza night with heaps of people (where do they all come from?). i've been giving another massage and had a nice chat with angie. she's leaving tomorrow, so besides me all the women from our women's gathering are gone by tomorrow, what a shame.

eventually i was able to wear one of my thermals that night (together with the dress, very fancy. i should have taken a picture, it looks really funny).
and this was the first night of a real concert around the fire. banjo, guitar, didge and mouthorgan, pretty good. i went to bed quite early (midnight!) and got up about 7.30 am this morning.

at the moment i'm waiting for andrew 1 to come back, so that we can get the kayak down to the river. he's also trying to organize me a wetsuit. i'll need that for the sea kayaking course next week.
so that's all at the moment, i will come back to you as soon as possible.
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