January 2001

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January, 5     TOP

okay, this time it took me quite a while, i'm sorry, but i wasn't really well.

anyway back to the 23rd of december.
nikki and i went for our xmas shoppings down to devonport. god, what a good thing to do, i never finished my xmas shopping that quick. and i got a fantastic present for myself, even it's not really useful because it's a bit overdressed, but who cares. anyway, my first time to have a cup of latte in devonport outside the hostel, i don't know why i never go to the cafes here or to pubs?

oh, actually i was in the papers, frontpage - the whole of it - of the special xmas issue. so yukiko and rumiko ran to me, "you're famous, you're an actress", god, what an article - i really didn't say what they wrote, but you know - journalists. actually the photos are pretty good, perhaps i should become a model. funny thing was, when nikki and i went to the nursery to get a rose for denise and trevor, that guy there recognised me and of course i flushed...

nothing special happend that night, and we still haven't had any rehearsals.
so 24th, great and what happens? nothing! they don't know when to celebrate christmas. well, besides francesca and marina left, what is really a shame.
the whole day was filled with shopping and preparing. denise, kathrin and i went to latrobe for a coffee and then to the country to get vegies and afterwards to the supermarket and the bottleshop. i started preparing as much as i could for the dinner the next day and started drinking with nikki at 3pm (she started at 1pm), we finished our session quite late at night and in between martin and i had our first and last rehearsal for "dinner for one".   Snapshots of "Dinner for one"

then the big day came - of course they are one day late here - but it wasn't as busy in the kitchen as we expected, actually we all had a good timing and didn't stand in each others ways. the timing was not that good in the end, so our big dinner with about 70 people started a bit late. but we had to fix all the decorations as well. we had a beautiful buffett, heaps of food and drinks. afterwards we tried to let every nation sing 2 or 3 songs, switzerland and germany were singing together. anyway, martin and i had our play and i think we were not to bad. then nikki and i started with "big spender" and placed trevor on a chair so nikki sang to him "i wanna be loved by you" what was really funny. at the end we all got quite drunken and i fell asleep twice at the table, time to go to bed.

the 26th was a lazy day, we fixed all the rooms, i tried to write down all my slides, but couldn't really concentrate, so just relaxing. we had a new arriving - tim - who's going to stay here for 4 or 5 weeks. so we get a new cleaner. at the evening we made some films on the computer, trevor has got a camera on the one in the office, it really shows a bit of the athmosphere. and of course we had an after xmas celebration. "don't forget the crackers, gromit". it's always the same people, nikki, martin, henry and me, often joined by yukiko and rumiko. oh, that night we started playing cards - "shithead" of course.

the rest i'll write to you later, if i want to go out today, i've to leave now. catch up with you later.
January, 7     TOP

so, back to the 27th, the day i got my car. wow, that's great, i've got a car on my own, a nice mitsubishi sigma stationwagon, 263000km with the second engine and it runs. 19 years old and now it's mine. actually it was easy, the first place i got to had this car, so i went back, took trevor with me and we went for a testdrive. afterwards we were sure that car is okay for the next two years, and it has still a registration till september, insurance costs $81 a year and i think i can sell it for the same price i bought it. so now i'm mobile. just have to go to get it insured and registered on my name.

adam came back with inka, one day earlier then we expected, so perhaps nikki and martin are leaving earlier. of course a reason for having a farewell party, again.

next day i had a bit of a sore throat and adam has pissed of with inka, leaving nikki and martin behind without saying a word, really nice move...

so they have to find a new way to go on travelling, either catching the bus (not a good idea) or hiring a car (peakseason, bloody expensive now) or buy one (best move). anyway, nikki and i went to town to register my card and get it insured. it wasn't that easy as i thought, we had to go back to the hostel because i couldn't prove that i'm living in tassie. so trevor wrote a note that i'm living in tasman house since november and will stay there for longer. with this little note every problem was solved, i got a new registration card, went to the insurance, paid my $81 and now i'm free to go where i want to. you wouldn't believe, but we found a reason to have a party that night (it's time that nikki and martin leave, this is getting ridiculous).

on friday my sore throat was still there, but who cares. nikki and i were henry's nightmare early in the morning, well, he had complained that i left a pillow on his bed while he was sleeping, i just forgot to put it back on the other bed. anyway, this morning we came with 7 pillows and placed them all very nicely on his bed, of course while he was staying in it. actually you can here us very loud in the morning shouting along the corridors, "i've done 17b, which one's next" "is 8 moving?" "who's been staying in that room, what a mess" or knocking on doors "good morning - cleaners!" with a bright smile on our faces, or sometimes "sorry, i'll come back later. who the hell said 2 is gone?"

i didn't feel well that day, so i gave my car to martin and tim that they could have a look for a car for nikki and martin. it seems they are going to leave on saturday and henry as well, what a shame. but otherwise henry will never start the overland track and nikki and martin won't be in hobart for new years eve. so that was the defenitly last farewell party, that evening.

i don't know how we manage to get up every single morning and do the cleaning, i think that's the reason why i'm catching a cold now. yukiko, rumiko and i wanted to go to trowunna, the wildlife park at mole creek. but my car came back a bit to late, so we didn't go anywhere, therefor nikki and martin have got a car now and they are leaving, and henry left this morning and everything is a bit different, i hate this coming and going, you have got such a good time and then the people just leave, but they will come back in about a fortnight. the good thing was, i went to bed early!

new years eve, well we went to trowunna and took junko with us as well. that was fun, saw heaps of tassie devils and a wombat, copperhead snakes, and heaps of wallabies and kangaroos. one wallaby i petted for a while, better not touch tassie devils. we had a good time and i think i got some nice pictures. on the way back we made a stop at christmas hill raspberry farm, but the rasberrys where out, just cakes so we made the next stop at ashgrove cheesefactory, where i got a smoked eel and nice feta cheese. i didn't feel good that day, wearing a scarf to keep my throat warm. but i had promised to cook dinner for 10 people. it took me just 2,5h to prepare a traditional german dinner (bavarian), first time i made dumplings on my own and didn't buy a packet with instant ones. i got the recipe from aileen from munich who stayed with us the day before. so at the end we had dumplings (semmelknoedel), sauerkraut (they call it the same way here), pork and carrots and peas with parsley and as starter a herbal soup. there were not a lot leftovers afterwards.

then everyone started to drink, what else, but we had to wait for the spirit to come in, and of course the ferry was late again. so denise started booking people in about a quarter to twelve and i showed them there rooms. at twelve we just had a little sip of our drinks "happy new year - which room?" so that was my start into 2001. i felt a bit homesick.

next morning i felt so bad, i couldn't swallow propper anymore, so i left out breakfast, just finished the rooms, went to bed and slept most parts of the day. just drank my camomile tea with honey, which hearted badly in the throat. i think the only thing i ate the whole day was mashed potatoes and scrumbled eggs.

next day i went to the doctors, got some antibiotics and penadol for the temparature and relaxed the rest of the day. well, i packed my packet to send it back home (6,4 kg) and got a parcel which lighted up my mood (thanks horst). the only other nice thing was a talk to shane, who just came back from the overland track with gary and masaki. but that was it for that day. and that's it for today, i'll write the rest later on (i'm now only 5 days behind, i'm getting better).
by the way, it would be nice to get some e-mails, you know what i'm doing, where is my gossip?
January, 9     TOP

so here's now the last update and i'm trying to get to today. anyway back to the 3rd january. like every morning the day started with work (i don't stop just because my throat is sore), but i felt much better, the antibiotics do a good job. so it's time to take down the christmas tree, it doesn't look really nice anymore. and of course these jobs always take much longer then you think when you start with them. the whole carpet was covered with the needles, everywhere. you can't use the vacuum cleaner in the first place, so i started sweeping the carpet (never thought about doing something like this before, but it works). afterwards i went to town, sending my flighttickets to nz back home. that means i have to stay in ossie now. i think i actually have overdone it during the day because comeing back home, i nearly fainted and felt instantly asleep. so i did nothing at all, besides getting myself some indian take away, played cards with mick (and won all the time). later that evening trevor and i went to latrobe to get a few bags of bread from the bakery. so we have fresh bread tomorrow morning, it's a really good thing that denise's brother has got his bakery nearby.

on thursday i talked for a while with jolein (from netherlands) and then went with her down the street to have a look at a 23 years old valiant, a beeautiful car for $999. but she couldn't really decide. i'm glad i've got a car. then we went to the information centre and i got my ferryticket for the spirit on the 30th january. wow, i made a decision! i'm going to leave!

in the afternoon trevor, rumiko, jackson, tim and i went to harvest oysters near port sorell. god, that was fun. kneehigh in the mud, tim always nearly loosing his shoes, then rumiko stucking in the mud and all of them digging for her sandal - and i haven't had my camera with me. at the end we got abot 500 oysters. so when we came back some of the japanese started cleaning them, masaki lit up a bonfire and we baked some in the fire. that was fantastic, i ate my first oysters and they are great as long as i don't have to eat them raw. the night ended of course with playing shithead (and still no drinks or smokes).

the next day i was really tired, so after work i was just hanging around. i took eddie (12 years old, staying here for a while with his father and his older brother, but is most times left on his own, so he's hanging around with us most times) to the supermarket and he got his first fresh coconut.

so we sat outside, i showed him how to get the juice out of his coconut and how to crack it. then jolein, eddie and i sat outside, eating coconut and melon and just gossiped and talked. jolein and i went later to the olympic pool for a swim (jolein: "they do call that an olympic pool, the deepest part is just 1,50 m deep, that's frustrating") and of course i got sunburned, but i had my exercise.

that evening i sat up with larry (from canada) quite long.

next morning, better say nearly midday (sometimes the work takes longer because people don't move), jolein and i went to port sorell to the market. it's about as small as don market, but it was worth going, we got jam for 50 cents and i found my green tomato pickles again (i searched for it , couldn't find it anywhere so now i've got two new jars). in the afternoon i took my next exercise in the olympic pool and i booked in for a scuba diving course in wynyard (about an hour away from devonport). the only nuisance i've got at the moment is that my creditcard doesn't work anymore, so i've to borrow money from denise (i only have $2,70 cash left).

that night i had a bad night, i was actually waiting for a phonecall and got in a really bad mood when it didn't come so i finished the champagne and the whitewine shane has left for the cleaners doing his dishwashing. have to get new stuff when nikki is coming back.

next day i was a bit like beeing from outerspace, till we found out that dave has sneaked away during the night. great, best news i heard for ages, the bastard is gone. denise is "blaming" me a bit for it ("it was much easier with you being around, he really must hate you"), well i gave him a bad time and i'm proud of it! so we had to clear his things clean the room and that took us a bloody long time, he actually used 4 lockers, while other people couldn't get any! but you now, it makes fun to get rid of something, if you really don't like the person. that cheered me up a lot!

nothing exciting happend actually on the rest of the day, so we can leave that part out. i went to bed late, because the ferry was late again.

on monday i got up at 6.30am, the first day of my scuba diving course. it's abit scary, but i'll manage it. the school is pretty good, and it can make fun but i was the only unexperienced person (an the oldest). but in a way i got along with the stuff. afterwards the had an appointment at the medical centre in somerset arranged for me to get a medical check. after 1,5 hours the doctor asked me if i wouldn't prefer to go sky diving. i'm permanent unfit for scuba diving, he meant i wouldn't like to die even while i'm probably having fun. thank you, of course i had to burst into tears (stupid me) but it's really annoying to hear what you can't do. his advise was going to nepal pay a cherpa and go for a hike, he did it with his daughter.

great, with his note i went back to the scuba diving centre brought the books back and got the most of my money back.

i had a long night with four bottles of beer (and felt really drunken, i think because i haven't eaten anything), talking haps of nonsens with rinker, jolein, larry and some other people. when i went to bed i found masaki in our room, sleeping in the last free bed, he was to drunken to find his way to his bed, yukiko, rumiko and i had a big laugh at him.

now is tuesday afternoon, i've been working this morning (no scuba diving) and at the moment i'm trying to find out what i'm going to do for the last weeks here in tassie, saturday is a concert in launceston but i don't know if i'll get tickets, anyway, larry and i will just try. you'll find out in a few days (and i as well).
January, 12     TOP

well, last entry was tuesday afternoon. i didn't do anything special during daytime. at the moment we live more during the nights. and this was actualy the longest night i had since i'm here. after the kitchen cleaning we were sitting up in the diningroom, we means jolein, denise, jukiko, rumiko, masaki, mathew, pat, tim, larry, maher and me. we started singing quite early, telling filthy jokes (of course when there are men around you always get filthy jokes) (ouch, there just crawled a big brown spider up the wall behind my computer). anyway, not all of us stood up that late, denise still has got the flue, masaki, rumiko and jukiko went after a while (1am) into our room and at the end it was just tim, mathew, pat, larry and i were still awake, drinking wine and beer and singing very loud. after awhile we started performing, everly brothers shown by tim and larry, marilyn monroe by me sitting on larry's knees (bold men can be sexy), driving mathew mad, even non of us could understand why. it was a funny night and we eventually went to bed at 6am (defenitly after sunrise).

next morning i woke up at 11.45am, to late for bedroom cleaning , so i stood in bed till 2pm. actually the whole day was not really my day. in the evening my arm started to behave funny so i even didn't give a hand in the kitchen. i was completely useless that day (never go to bed that late again (perhaps next week, when martin and nikki are back). i wanted to go to bed very early, but it was masaki's last night, he's going back to japan, i hate this, all these people leaving i've been together with for a longer time. but it was nice to stay up till 2am (again). masaki was giving away heaps of his things, i got a t-shirt (eyehategod) and something for gurgles, rumiko got his swimmingshorts (?????) (bathing trunks? karsten) and so on. it was nice and sad in the same place. but if i collect enough adresses in japan i can go over there and stay with people (otherwise it's far too expensive).

on thursday i worked again (good girl). masaki left early afternoon on the plane to melbourne, the girls said he was crying like a waterfall.

in the afternoon i went shopping, got a new nosestud (lost my lizard), got food for dinner and had a quite day. maher (original from libanon, living in canada) was cooking for us that night, he used to have a restaurant in canada.

when we started to clean the kitchen the sky turned into bright red and orange with dark blue bits, absolutely fanatastic, so we worked quick to sit afterwards outside and just enjoy these colours. jolein and i had a nice talk with manu from switzerland (the first serious talk for quite a while, but all the men were gone so no disturbance). we went to bed early, which was awise decision.

this morning i woke up at 7.30, had a nice breakfast, woke up manu who left this morning. then we did the bedrooms and afterwards i cleaned our fridge (about 4m long and 2m high and i wasn't sure if some of the food i through away could have talked to me, bah. this afternoon jolein, rumiko, yukiko and i want to go to latrobe. but it looks like rain, and it's not nice to sit at the river waiting for platypus if it's raining, we'll see. bloody hell, martin and nikki are just arriving, so time for talks now.
January, 21     TOP

as i said, bloody hell, nikki and martin are back. they wanted to stay for two nights and leave on sunday on the cat (ferry from george town to mainland). it took me ten minutes to get nikki into staying here another week and an hour for martin, but now they are staying till next week sunday. that means i can't leave before sunday myself. anyway, the rest of the day we were just sitting, chatting and gossiping and drinking. and of course we shared our smokes and drinks and everything, yeah, that's home.

the next day was not good, i was so tired after staying up till late. there was something about good company with a bad influence. so i had another lazy day, horrible, actually i wanted to go to launceston to an celtic folk concert, but it was just me who wanted to go and i was to tired to drive on my own to launceston, stay there for three hours and then drive back. so i stayed in devonport. the most of the others went to the pub, but tim , jolein and i stayed back at the hostel, played yatzee and pool (i won!), didn't drink(!) and couldn't sleep. so i had another long night.....

next morning rumiko, yukiko, jolein and i went to don market. i needed cabbage because i promised to make cabbage rolls for everyone (10 people). of course they had everything besides cabbage, so i ended up with a cake and cherries. at the end denise got me cabbage from the spud in sassafras. just when i started in the kitchen, henry came back, he was the only one still missing. we had a big dinner and i had trouble again with my arm, it's a bit of a nuisance. shane came back as well and i had a long talk with him. i can stay with him when i'll come to colac (viktoria). at the end the night ended like most of our nights - late.

on monday we wanted to go to tasmazia, so i hurried up, bringing my films away, went shopping for dinner. but when i came back, all of the others were sitting around the table making a plan for the week, what to do, who is cooking (telling me i'm not allowed in the kitchen anymore besides tonight). so i'm really interested if that plan will work out. of course we didn't go anywhere on monday because that was not included in the new plan (actually it said: monday - making a plan, anette cooking). in the evening i got in pain again (thank you), tried to avoid any alcohol, but because i was still in pain around midnight i started drinking then and playing shithead.

you wouldn't believe, making a plan and we're really holding on to it. tuesday was the day for the maze. so martin, nikki, rumiko, yukiko, jolein, wayne, taka, donna, henry and i went to tasmazia. what a fun, four different mazes and we spent ages in there. of course it was going to be confusing, but funny, especially when you're one of the first in the middle, waiting and watching the others ("no that's a dead end, turn left, not there..."). in every single maze i was the third. jolein got completely lost in one of the mazes. it was great fun, and the lady at the entrance did like us ("where you the ones cheering' you must have enjoyed yourselfes"). nikki and martink cooked a big curry for dinner that night and then the night ended like all others. oh, before i forget, polly arrived, she's taking over my job here, so i have to show her everything tomorrow.

wednesday and we still stick to our plan, but we have to make changes because henry and wayne are starting to work in the orchards tomorrow. but today is still kart racing day. so henry, larry, martin, nikki, taka, Take chef, chika, polly, jolein, tim and i went to latrobe to the kart racing. after we found out that it costs 20 bucks for ten minutes it wasn't all to go on the race. tim looked so funny, he was in to winning, you could see it on his face. and he won, taka was second after a brilliant fight with martin and larry was completely lost. tim was four laps before him. afterwards nikki, polly and i went shopping in latrobe but didn't get anything.
later on nikki and i went downtown, we were in a shopping mood. well, nikki only got a birthdaycard for her grandfather, but i had more succes. i went to mr rossi and got a complete new haircut (they weren't that short for ages, but it's great) and then i bought a strawhat, a big one to give a bit of shade to my nose (it's always sunburned). when we came back, tim looked at me fascinated and said i look like annie lennox now, especially when i were my blue sunglasses. tim and jolein cooked, a bit different, tim promised us a roast dinner, but then he started to invite more and more people. so at the end he ordered the pizza taxi and made salads. but it was good, my first pizza in tassie. guess what we did that night!

on thursday i went to town again (it's going to become a habit going shopping), but i wanted disposable cameras to safe my slidefilms. because this is the night of the bushdancing and i want to take some snapshots.   Snapshots of the Bushdance
anyway in town i met larry at a cafe and we had a nice chat, i've got a tourguide for canada now. in charge for dinner were Take chef (taka and chika left today), rumiko and yukiko and i love japanese cooking (and i'm learning how to cook proper japanese meals). then we talked Take chef and mywa into going for the bush dancing. at the end we were twelve plus trevor (taking us there with the bus). jolein thought bushdancing would happen in a bush till i explained her that it means australian folk music and dancing. we had so much fun, mywa who in the first moment didn't want to come wouldn't get off the dancefloor. all of us were dancing and trevor had so much fun he forgot he had to go to work next morning, so we stayed till late. the band "wongawilli" was really good and i haven't danced that much for ages.

next morning i could feel my legs. my last working day here, weird feeling. i went to town for a latte, got a new book (henry still hasn't finished the fifth elephant) and enjoyed the good weather and a nice relaxing day. henry and wayne prepared a fantastic barbie for dinner, so we sat outside with heaps of food and had a good time. later on we started playing improvisations, that was really funny, whole night playing and drinking. (nikki told me later we emptied a cask of wine, just the two of us).

on saturday we wanted to go to the tamar valley festival, well jolein was up, even larry got up, but nikki was still drunken.... at the end it was just larry and me going. jolein went to bed again for a nap and i thought she would come later on then with nikki and martin, but martin changed his mind.... well, larry and i first went for breakfast in a cafe downtown and then we drove of to george town for the festival. it was a beautiful day, first we joined a 3h concert, just acoustic music and afterwards we went to the pier hotel where there was a session going on. people sitting outside and inside, playing their instruments, singing, it was a fantastic athmosphere. we left early evening because that's the last evening we are all together, weird feeling, knowing everyone is leaving tomorrow. so we wrote little notes, giving our adresses and e-mails and all these things. i can't imagine that that's it after nearly 3 months. so of course we drank and celebrated our farewell and played shithead.....

so now i've packed everything and in a while we're off, i'll take Take chef, mywa and jolein with me. jolein is just going to launceston, mywa wants to stay in hobart and Take chef and i are going on to lune river on monday later he has exteneded his visa. that will be a healthy and relaxing week (hopefully), but you'll know when i'm back!
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